Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi collect proofs against Shanti.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Mahima is attempting to commit suicide. Karun sees her and asks what she is doing. Romila arrives just in time and saves Mahima. Karun then asks Mahima why she did this. Mahima says living is no point if Karun and Arjun don’t love her. Karun mentions that Mahima hugged Vishal. Mahima explains that Vishal is just a friend and Arjun is interested in Kaashvi.

Karun tells her not to say anything bad about Kaashvi and Arjun. Mahima reminds him that Kaashvi is Arjun’s ex-wife and that Kaashvi left Arjun’s life, which led to him marrying her. She insists she is not a bad mother and hugs Karun, who reassures her he loves her. Meanwhile, Jagadish tells Kaashvi that she is late.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2024 Written Update

He informs her that Arjun has received his certificate and has become a civil service officer. Kaashvi congratulates Arjun for fulfilling Jagadish’s dream. Arjun notices that Kaashvi looks worried and asks why. Kaashvi reveals that she saw Rimi with Shanti, who claimed not to know Rimi, but Kaashvi suspects Shanti is involved in Jagadish’s case. Jagadish shares his suspicion about Shanti with Aditya. Kaashvi decides to catch Shanti.

Later, Shanti serves tea to the nurse, who loses consciousness after drinking it. Shanti, aware that Kaashvi suspects her, eliminates any evidence against her. She steals the locker key, opens the locker, and takes a pen drive. Kaashvi and Arjun inform the police inspector about Rimi. They go to Kaashvi’s house and find the nurse unconscious. Arjun tells Kaashvi that Shanti is not in the house. The nurse wakes up and tells Kaashvi everything.

Kaashvi and Arjun follow Shanti and hide before she sees them. Shanti enters a cyber cafe and watches the CCTV footage from the pen drive. She is confused and wondering why she is in those videos since she did nothing like that. She realizes it is not her in the videos. Kaashvi and Arjun also watch the footage. Kaashvi asks Shanti if she is behind everything. Shanti insists she is innocent. Kaashvi accuses Shanti of framing Jagadish because he suspects her and traps Aditya.

Shanti realizes she can’t prove her innocence and runs away. Arjun tries to catch her but fails. He tells Kaashvi they should inform the police about Shanti. Kaashvi tells Arjun she can’t believe Shanti is behind everything and regrets suspecting Aditya. She wonders why Shanti did all this. Arjun tells her they saved Aditya and need to discover Shanti’s motives.

Precap: the nurse talks to Kaashvi about her pregnancy. Arjun asks Kaashvi why she hid the pregnancy from him.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2024 Episode Review

In this gripping episode, Mahima’s suicide attempt is thwarted by Romila, revealing deep emotional turmoil stemming from love and betrayal. The tension escalates as Kaashvi and Arjun uncover a sinister plot involving Shanti, who frames Jagadish and traps Aditya. Shanti’s deceit is revealed through shocking CCTV footage, leading to a thrilling chase.

Despite Arjun’s efforts, Shanti escapes, leaving Kaashvi and Arjun to unravel her motives. The episode ends suspensefully, with Kaashvi’s hidden pregnancy coming to light, promising more drama. This episode masterfully blends emotional depth and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge.

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