Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 Written Update: Naveli is shocked to know Dhawal is her father.

Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Naveli picks up her toys. Pranali comes and asks where she’s going. Naveli says she’s going to Bittu because Dhawal promised to put up photos of her and Bittu so the room will feel like theirs. Pranali tells Naveli that she is her mother, but Naveli argues that Bittu is her birth mother, so she wants to stay with her. Pranali even asks Naveli to play with her, but Naveli insists on playing with Bittu. Natasha cries and tells Shantanu she doesn’t want to return to Mumbai.

Pranali talks to Shantanu, saying she understands what he’s going through. Dhawal smiles and touches his hand where Natasha bit him. Chirag talks to Dhawal, saying he doesn’t understand the hatred Dhawal has been carrying all these years but believes that Natasha’s Dhawal is still there. Shantanu’s sister tries to convince Natasha to return to Mumbai, but Natasha insists on taking Naveli.

Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 Written Update

Dhawal cries and regrets his decisions. He remembers when he returned to the Makwana house and found Naveli crying in the hall. Hetal told Dhawal that Natasha left him and Naveli for her freedom. Drunk, Dhawal said he would look for Natasha and left. He tells Chirag that he couldn’t love Naveli because she always reminded him of Natasha, so he gave her care to Bhavin and Pranali. Pranali says she knows Shantanu gives sleeping pills to Natasha and suggests taking her to another city, not Mumbai, so Dhawal can’t find her.

Dhawal cries and says he often wants to hug Naveli and tell her he is her father but doesn’t because of Bhavin. He tells Natasha he wants to live as a family with her and Naveli, but now Natasha is Shantanu’s Bittu. Natasha asks him to promise to take Naveli along. Dhawal says he can’t lose Natasha again. At night, Pranali sneaks into Shantanu’s room and tells him everyone is asleep, so it’s time to leave.

Dhawal remembers Natasha calling him a coward and saying he could never make her happy. Dhawal wakes up shocked. As Pranali leaves, she accidentally drops a vase, making a noise that alerts Dhawal. He quickly rushes to the hall. Naveli wakes up, too, picks up her toys, and sleeps with Bittu. Dhawal confronts Shantanu, who says Natasha is already engaged to him. Naveli goes to Natasha’s room, finds her not there, and cries in the hall. Dhawal says Natasha is his wife and Naveli’s mother, and he is Naveli’s father. The episode ends with Naveli shocked to learn Dhawal is her father.

Precap: Hetal provokes Pranali, saying she will ruin her life like Hetal’s was destroyed. Hetal asks Pranali to join her against Natasha. Pranali agrees to do anything to keep Naveli with her.

Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 Episode Review

In this emotionally charged episode, tensions run high as Naveli’s loyalty between her mother, Pranali and Bittu creates a rift. Pranali’s desperate attempts to bond with Naveli are heart-wrenching, while Dhawal’s regret and longing for a family are palpable. Natasha’s resistance to return to Mumbai adds to the drama, as does Dhawal’s internal struggle with his past decisions.

The climax reveals Dhawal as Naveli’s father, shocking everyone. The episode masterfully intertwines themes of love, regret, and family bonds, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and eager for the next twist in this gripping saga.

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