Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update: Renuka blames Sayali.

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sachin asks his brother Tejas about his salary. Tejas needs to return the money he borrowed from their father. Sachin has lost faith in Tejas and tells their father to get the money back from Tejas, or he might run away with it again like before. Paresh, their father, promises to handle the situation and asks Sachin to leave.

Later, Sachin asks his wife, Sayali, why she didn’t ask for a saree or jewellery from his mother. Sayali says she doesn’t need anything extra. The next morning, Sachin arranged a car to drive for the next few days. He doesn’t like how the car works but must use it. He complains to his father about it. When Sachin finds out Paresh and Renuka are going to the market, he offers them a ride. But Renuka refuses to get into Sachin’s car.

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update

She thinks Sachin doesn’t have enough passengers and is forcing them to ride with him. Just then, Sachin gets a booking call and leaves with the car. After Sachin leaves, Renuka blames Sayali for bringing bad luck to Sachin, saying he had no problems before marrying Sayali. Sayali overhears this and feels hurt. The next morning, Tejas goes to Roshni’s flat. Roshni shows him some job notices, but Tejas feels he is too qualified. He prefers to spend some days with Roshni first and then find a suitable job.

Roshni agrees and promises that her earnings will give them a better life. Despite Tejas’s lack of interest in the jobs, she still supports him. In the kitchen, Renuka again humiliates Sayali for making mistakes. She accuses Sayali of bringing bad luck and says the goddess Mahalaxmi left their house after Sayali arrived. Sayali feels hurt by this insult. Renuka kicks Sayali out of the kitchen and forbids her from touching anything without permission.

Sayali cooks for Paresh and Sachin in the afternoon because Renuka is still sleeping. She goes to the kitchen and starts cooking rice. But Renuka comes in and scolds her again, blaming her for the family’s bad luck. Sayali breaks down in tears and calls her mother to share her feelings. Her mother listens carefully and tries to comfort her. She points out that Renuka is not a good person and blames Sayali for her problems. Sayali feels a bit better after talking to her mother. Later, Sachin brings a delicious dish for Sayali and feeds her.

Precap: Sayali will invite Roshni’s mother to a family event. Roshni will be shocked to see her mother at the house.

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