Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update: Vanraj says he enjoys seeing Anupama in trouble.

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama asks the Shah family to start the haldi ceremony. Leela and Anupama perform the haldi ceremony with Titu and Dimple. The Shah family dances with Titu and Dimple. Anuj and Anupama end up putting haldi on each other. Shruti feels jealous and is shocked to see Aadya enjoying herself. Shruti tells Anuj that she misses him a lot. Vanraj feels happy to see Shruti. Anuj asks Shruti about her arrival. Shruti says she didn’t want to miss the fun.

Aadya feels happy for Shruti. Anuj says he would have picked Shruti up from the airport. Shruti says she wanted to surprise Anuj. Vanraj welcomes Shruti and says that the fun will double now. Vanraj sings a song to welcome Shruti. Shruti says no one can put haldi on Anuj except her. She claims Anuj as hers and asks him to marry her. Shruti gets close to Anuj. Leela tells Shruti to have some shame. Vanraj asks Shruti to join the Haldi ceremony with Titu and Dimple.

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Shruti asks Anuj to join her. Anupama is shocked. She asks Devika and Kinjal to leave her alone. Kinjal and Devika decide to support Anupama. Anupama gets angry at Kinjal and Devika for not listening to her. Devika and Kinjal think Shruti is not wrong if she wants to be with Anuj. Devika says Anuj and Anupama will never get back together. Kinjal says they can’t predict anything until Anuj and Shruti’s wedding happens. Anupama wonders why she can’t control her love for Anuj.

Shruti asks Anuj if he is unhappy with her. Anuj avoids Shruti. Shruti says she can feel his hesitation. Anuj thinks about Anupama and tries to explain to Shruti. Shruti asks Anuj if he is sure about his feelings. Anuj bumps into Anupama and tells her not to cry.

Vanraj says Titu and Dimple’s wedding will not happen. He feels happy to see Anupama in pain. Vanraj says he enjoys seeing Anupama in trouble. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is pleased to see someone in pain. Vanraj says he only enjoys seeing Anupama in trouble. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is trying to ruin Titu and Dimple’s wedding. Vanraj ignores Kavya. Kavya says Dimple and Titu’s love will win over Vanraj’s evil plans.

Dimple and Titu talk about Anupama. Biji asks Titu and Dimple to enjoy their wedding and tells them to think about their honeymoon. Ansh asks Dimple to take him on the honeymoon, too. Later, the ladies ask Titu about moving to the Shah house. Anupama defends Titu’s reputation.

Precap: Anupama learns that Smith reported to the food department at Shruti’s request. She decides to confront Shruti.

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Episode Review

In today’s episode, Anupama leads the haldi ceremony with the Shah family, but the event is filled with drama. Shruti’s surprise visit stirs jealousy and tension, especially when she asks Anuj to marry her. Anupama struggles with her feelings for Anuj, while Vanraj reveals her discomfort.

Kavya confronts Vanraj about his intentions to sabotage Titu and Dimple’s wedding, but he remains unbothered. Amidst all the chaos, Dimple and Titu focus on their upcoming wedding. The episode ends with Anupama discovering Shruti’s involvement in a report to the food department, setting the stage for a confrontation.

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