Udne Ki Aasha 20th May 2024 Written Update: Sayali raises her voice against Paresh.

Udne Ki Aasha 20th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sachin and Sayali converse. That night, their argument escalates when Sachin tells Sayali that there’s nothing special between them and that she has become a burden to him. Sayali is deeply hurt by Sachin’s words and returns to her parents’ home. Hearing their loud argument, Paresh enters their room and wants to know what is happening.

After learning the situation, Paresh asks Sayali to rethink her decision, reminding her that Sachin is not always nice and that she should try to understand his behaviour. Sayali gets angry at Paresh, who insists on her marrying Sachin. She accuses Paresh of arranging the marriage out of greed, not love, and of treating her like an object. Sayali raises her voice against Paresh, blaming him for ruining her and Sachin’s lives.

Udne Ki Aasha 20th May 2024 Written Update

When Sayali returns home, her mother, Shobha, is shocked and confused. She asks Sayali to reconsider, but Sayali again blames Paresh for the problems. Sayali is hurt that she is being asked to leave and can’t believe she has no right to stay in her father’s house. Shobha orders her to leave the room but soon takes Sayali back to her in-laws’ house and apologizes to Paresh for Sayali’s sake.

Back at the house, Sayali apologizes to her father-in-law, and Paresh immediately forgives her, understanding her pain. He advises her to confront Sachin’s harsh words and understand him better. When Sachin sees Sayali back in their room, he is initially upset but then apologizes and gives her a gift. Later, Sachin asks Sayali to get ready for the next night as his friends have invited them out. Meanwhile, Rashmi calls Tejas and asks him to pretend to be her husband for a day.

Precap: Sayali will feel embarrassed because of Sachin and his friends’ behaviour.

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