Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update: Aadhya says she doesn’t want Anupama to attend her birthday.

Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama dances with a bouquet in her hand and plays with the kids on the way. Yashdeep gives sweets to Beeji and says he has secured a new place for another restaurant. He shares that soon ‘Spice and Chutney will have many branches. Beeji asks why he didn’t tell her earlier. Yashdeep says he wanted to surprise her. She expresses her fear of change, saying someone can fall just as fast when they reach the top.

Yashdeep insists he is seizing an opportunity, and their restaurant’s name is well-known. He asks Beeji not to tell Anupama yet and mentions that it will be the right time once they get a good rating from the American food critic. Anupama arrives at the restaurant and says they should clean it today because the food critic is coming tomorrow. Toshu greets everyone and says tomorrow will be a perfect morning.

Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 21st May 2024 Written Update

Mahi tells Kavya that Ishu mentioned she’s opening a beauty parlour. Kavya says she first told Baa and Babuji to get their blessings. Mahi approves and gifts her a small makeup box. Kavya appreciates the gift and asks for any advice if she misses something. Mahi reassures her and offers to help with all the work. Kavya feels blessed to have such a supportive daughter. Mahi says she is proud of her, and Kavya promises to achieve something like Anupama.

Anupama prays to Kanha ji for their restaurant’s success, while Toshu harbours evil plans. Vanraj scolds a guy for not cleaning the car correctly and missing big stains. The guy apologizes. Vanraj notices another man peeping into his house and confronts him. The man claims to know all of Titu’s secrets. Tired from the day’s work, Anupama motivates herself to keep going. Yashdeep finds her and suggests she rest.

She replies that only lucky people get this kind of tiredness and insists on cleaning the kitchen. Toshu leaves, and Yashdeep feels hopeful. Titu’s friend, who claims to have grown up with Titu, says Titu forgot him after becoming famous. He asks Vanraj for money in exchange for information. Vanraj pays him and receives the information and proof. Vanraj declares that Titu is finished.

Anupama instructs the staff to serve food to customers as if they are offering it to God. Toshu thinks she should be in politics. Beeji arrives and gives Prasad. Anupama mentions that tomorrow is Choti’s birthday, and she needs to make arrangements but will first check the restaurant. Toshu promises to do his best. Beeji advises Yashdeep not to lose hope, suggesting that Anu might change her mind.

Aadhya excitedly mentions that her birthday is just a few hours away and laughs. Shruti asks Anuj to record the moment. Anuj says Anu will be happy to see the video. Shruti requests Anuj to keep Anupama away from the birthday celebrations. Anuj tries to explain that he can’t do that. Aadhya asks if all the arrangements are complete, and Anuj assures her that everything will be ready.

Aadhya insists she doesn’t want Anupama at her birthday party. Anuj recalls Anupama’s excitement about making a cake for her. He gets a call and leaves. Shruti suggests that since the food critic is coming to the restaurant tomorrow, Anupama might not attend. Aadhya vows that if Anupama ruins her birthday, she will never let her forget it.

Vanraj locks the proof in a drawer. Kavya asks for the keys to get her file. He gives her the keys and warns her to be careful. Kavya takes her file, but an envelope falls out. Vanraj quickly takes it, claiming it contains important documents, and Kavya becomes suspicious.

Anupama tells Yashdeep she will make Aadhya’s birthday arrangements today. Aadhya prays to God to prevent Anupama Joshi from attending her birthday party. Gulati arrives at the restaurant and asks to speak to Anupama alone while having masala tea. Anupama questions why he wants to talk to her again and firmly states that ‘Spice and Chutney’ is hers, and she will never leave it.

Precap: Anupama serves a dish to the critics, calling it undhiyu biryani. A critic finds a cockroach in the biryani and complains. She tells Anupama Joshi that she is finished. The trophy is taken away, and the restaurant is locked.

Anupama 21st May 2024 Episode Review

In this exciting episode, Anupama dances happily, not knowing what problems are coming. Yashdeep has big plans to grow “Spice and Chutney,” but Beeji worries about them. People start to support Kavya’s new beauty parlour business, and Vanraj’s meeting with a man who tells Titu’s secrets makes things tense.

Anupama is still very committed to the restaurant and her family, even though Aadhya doesn’t want her to participate in the birthday celebrations. At the end of the episode, a food critic finds a cockroach in Anupama’s special dish, a huge setback for her restaurant. The episode is a roller coaster of feelings, with hope, ambition, and setbacks that no one saw coming.

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