Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Update: Bindiya visit Madan’s house

Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Dadi insisting that Bhim and Fulmati find Payal. Dadi suggests they lodge a report at the police station, but Bhim informs them that the police won’t accept a missing person’s case until twenty-four hours have passed. Meanwhile, Bindiya stands nearby, holding Fulmati’s phone. Suddenly, Fulmati asks Bhim to bring her phone to her, and Bindiya becomes nervous.

Dadi takes the phone from Bindiya and instructs her to seek help from Masterji. Determined to locate Payal, Masterji, and Bindiya search the village but come up empty-handed. Masterji suggests they search the fields, and Bindiya remembers that Payal is afraid of scarecrows. She tells Masterji that Payal would never go to the area alone. Bindiya feels a wave of sadness as memories of her sister floods her mind.

Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Update
Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Update

Back at the house, Fulmati and Bhim try to locate the phone. Fulmati suggests that Bhim call her number using his phone. Bhim is impressed by Fulmati’s intelligence, while Dadi grows increasingly nervous. As the phone begins to ring, Fulmati discovers her phone hidden by Dadi. She becomes furious, and Dadi looks guilty. Unable to find Payal anywhere, Masterji and Bindiya turn to the temple to pray for her.

Bindiya promises God she will never tease or quarrel with her sister again and implores Him to bring Payal back. Remembering when Payal was ill, Bindiya recalls her mother forbidding herself from speaking to pray for her daughter’s good health. In a similar act, Bindiya refrains from speaking, hoping it will help in finding Payal.

Upon arriving home, Rekha opens the car trunk and finds Payal sleeping with her luggage. Madan explains how he manipulated Payal into doing this, as he knew she had planned to escape. He suggested she hide in the trunk. Fulmati becomes furious with Bindiya and demands an apology. However, Bindiya remains silent as she has resolved not to speak while praying for her sister’s return. Fulmati grows angrier and threatens to beat her.

Rekha is dissatisfied with Madan’s plan, but he assures her that Bindiya will eventually come to them to retrieve Payal. He then calls Fulmati to inform her about Payal’s escape in the car trunk. Relieved, Bindiya and Dadi feel a sense of ease. However, Fulmati is shocked by Payal’s impulsive decision to run away, causing her to reflect on Madan’s involvement in the situation.

Dadi asks Bindiya why she hadn’t apologized to Fulmati. Bindiya explains her promise to God but looks disappointed by Payal’s hasty actions. On the other hand, Dadi is pleased with Bindiya’s maturity and disgusted by Payal’s immaturity. She praises Bindiya for her calm and mature nature. Bindiya declares that she will personally go to the town to return her sister, but Dadi becomes nervous about Bindiya leaving alone. Bhim steps in and offers to accompany Bindiya to her Uncle’s house.

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