Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Update: Satya loves Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Satya informing Sai that he intends to perform a deep incision in the commissioner’s chest to extract the rocket, urging her to be cautious. Sai agrees. Virat requests Sai to hand over the missile to him, assuring her that he will take it to a secure location with the bomb squad team. Sai consents. Virat instructs Satya to proceed with the surgery on the commissioner once the rocket is removed and emphasizes the importance of saving him.

Satya agrees. Virat orders them to begin the operation. Dr. Surva arrives and suggests relocating the process to another facility due to the potential explosion of the rocket, which could cause severe damage to the hospital and surrounding buildings. Virat seeks clarification, and Surva explains that the primary oxygen supply is located beneath the operating theater, posing a significant risk. Virat concurs with Surva’s recommendation, and they transfer the commissioner to another operating theater.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Update
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th May 2023 Written Update

Through a video call, Vinayak expresses his fear to Savi. She offers him comforting words. In the operating theater, Satya’s hand trembles. He ponders why he is scared when he has already faced death before. His inner voice tells him that Sai is by his side this time, and he doesn’t want to lose her. It urges him to confess his love to Sai before commencing the operation. Satya tells Sai that he has something to say to her. Sai and Virat request him to share his feelings after the procedure. Satya agrees.

Sai contemplates her family while Satya makes a deep incision and asks her to remove the rocket. Sai extracts the missile from the commissioner’s chest and hands it to Virat. She reminds Virat that their children are waiting for them and that they are needed. Virat agrees and departs with the rocket bomb. Satya attempts to confess his feelings to Sai, but she suggests they discuss it later and leave. Virat and Sanjay place the rocket bomb in a container, and Sanjay congratulates Virat. Sai arrives, and the missile explodes while Virat is near it. Sai shouts his name, and Satya hears her voice. He asks Surva to take over the surgery and rushes out.

Sai rushes to the unconscious Virat lying on the floor. She pleads with him not to leave her and urges him to open his eyes. Satya witnesses this scene. Later, Sai sits by Virat’s side in the ward. Satya remarks that she still loves Virat deeply. Sai releases Virat’s hand and asks why he is asking her in that manner.

Satya explains that he saw the pain and love in her eyes when she saw Virat in danger, which prompted his question. Sai admits she is uncertain. Satya asks if she doesn’t trust him, as she hesitates to share her feelings with him. Sai responds that she doesn’t know about love, but she cares for Virat deeply because he is the father of her children, and she doesn’t want them to lose their father. She asks Satya what he wants to say in the operating theatre.

In his unconscious state, Virat utters, “I love you, Sai.” Satya asserts that Virat loves her immensely. Virat accuses Sai of being a cheater and betraying him. Sai states that Virat harbours more hatred than love for her. Sai and Satya wipe away their tears. Sai expresses her hope for Pakhi’s swift return. Satya asks Sai if she wishes to return to Virat’s life, considering Pakhi may not come back to him. Sai questions whether he wants her to leave him.

Satya assures her that he never wants her to leave and expresses his enjoyment of her and Savi’s company. Sai responds that she has no intention of returning to Virat’s life and wants to take care of her children as Sai Joshi. She wishes Virat to move on with his life without causing harm to anyone. Just then, Sai receives a call from Vinu and steps out to answer it. Satya takes a moment to express his gratitude to Sai. Meanwhile, Virat’s fingers move, indicating a sign of consciousness.

Sai attends Vinu’s call and asks about their well-being. Vinu expresses his eagerness to meet them right away. Sai assures him that everything is under control and urges him not to worry. Vinu confesses his fear of becoming an orphan again, causing Sai to reassure him and discourage such thoughts. At that moment, Bhavani arrives and demands to speak to Virat. Sai insists Virat is fine, but Bhavani refuses to trust her words and insists on talking to him directly. Sai reiterates that Virat is safe and leaves the decision to Bhavani whether or not to trust her.

As the episode progresses, tensions run high, with the surgery on the commissioner, Sai’s complex emotions, and the uncertain state of Virat’s condition. The story captivates viewers as they eagerly anticipate the subsequent twists and turns, wondering what lies ahead for Sai, Virat, and their intertwined destinies.

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