Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Satvik reminiscing about his breakup with Supriya and how Jeevika brought her home. Jeevika returns to her room, and Satvik confronts her, questioning why she got Supriya home. Jeevika explains that Supriya is in love with him and is caught between her passion and her family. She chose her family over love and is now in danger, so Jeevika brought her home to protect her.

Satvik wonders why Jeevika didn’t share this with him earlier. Jeevika reveals that she was trapped and only recently learned the truth about their relationship. She clarifies that they have no real connection and got married for family happiness. They will separate in a few days. Satvik questions if Jeevika is acting out of anger or misunderstanding the situation. He insists that there is nothing between him and Supriya. Jeevika assures him that she has no intention of angering him and promises to make their family understand the truth. She claims that, as his friend, she has the right to do this for him.

Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Update
Agnisakshi 17th May 2023 Written Update

Confused by the turn of events, Satvik questions the situation and wonders who will carry out these plans. Jeevika explains that he still loves Supriya, and their relationship as husband and wife is merely for appearance. They cannot hide this truth; since he cannot love her back, it’s better to end things with Supriya. Jeevika believes their happiness lies in seeing each other happy. Satvik disagrees, feeling that it is not the right course of action. Jeevika believes she can correct the situation.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini asks Ruhi why Jeevika brought Supriya home, expressing her confusion. Ruhi comments that they wouldn’t take such a risk if someone else were in Jeevika’s position. Shlok agrees, acknowledging that Jeevika shouldn’t have brought Supriya home. Rajnandini then tells Supriya to leave the house, stating that she has no right to stay there.

Satvik’s memories overwhelm him, and he begins breaking things. Shlok approaches him and asks what is happening, whether he is angry at himself or Supriya. Satvik expresses his deep love for Supriya and his confusion regarding why Jeevika brought her home. Meanwhile, Rajnandini confronts Supriya and demands she leave the house. Supriya blames Jeevika for forcing her to come and explains that she listened to her. Rajnandini insists that Supriya has no right to stay and reminds her that this is her ex-boyfriend’s house. She agreed to survive only because his wife asked her to. Rajnandini demands her departure.

Jeevika arrives and proclaims that she won’t leave. She speaks with Rajnandini privately, revealing that she brought Supriya to unite her with Satvik. She reminds Rajnandini that she previously mentioned Satvik’s love for Supriya, and since she is in love with him, too, Jeevika brought her home to see him happy.

Satvik stops Jeevika from falling and questions her motives, wondering why she is doing this. He insists that she doesn’t need to go to such lengths. Jeevika explains that she did it all for his happiness because if he is happy, she will be satisfied too. Ruhi comments to Rajnandini that she thought Jeevika brought Supriya home to manipulate her but realizes that Jeevika is playing her own life. She suggests that Jeevika’s silence is more powerful, and if Supriya marries Satvik, Rajnandini’s game will end. Rajnandini claims that no one can defeat her.

Satvik tells Supriya that Jeevika is innocent, but Supriya insists that Jeevika is special and points out that she revealed the truth that Satvik still loved her. She embraces him. Jeevika feels heartbroken, and Satvik holds her hand. Later, Supriya notices the closeness between everyone and offers to prepare tea for Satvik, knowing he enjoys her homemade tea. She permits him. Shlok questions Jeevika why she is giving Supriya rights over her, expressing disappointment. Satvik takes Rao’s pen drive.

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