Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Written Update: Jwala Devi will do Radha’s encounter illegally?

Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Radha tells Damini she is glad to see Damini for who she is. She also tells Lord Krishna that she doesn’t want to die; she wants to live with Mohan, Gungun, and her family. The Trivedi tells Damini to stop when she points her gun at Radha. Damini shoots, but Mohan does a cartwheel before the bullet to stop it. Everyone is taken aback.

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Mohan asks Radha if everything is fine. Radha says she’s okay because Mohan is there for her. Lord Krishna saved Radha, and Tulsi thanked him for that. Mohan steps in front of Damini so she can’t shoot Radha. Radha also stands before Mohan and tells Damini she can’t kill her.

Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Written Update

Gungun bites the hand of a police officer and runs toward Radha and Mohan. Jwala Devi stops the other officer from shooting at her. Gungun tells Damini that she can’t hurt Radha and Mohan. Damini tells herself that she can’t accidentally shoot Mohan or Gungun. Radha also tells Damini that she’ll never get Mohan.

Damini’s hand is shaking, so Jwala Devi takes the gun from her and points it at Radha. She tells Damini that she knew she wasn’t able to do it.

Koyal is live-streaming the event and saying that Jwala Devi is trying to hurt Radha illegally. She is shocked when Jwala Devi hears her name and sees a phone recording everything. Mohan knows that he put the phone there. Everyone finds out about the live stream and starts to watch it. Damini is happy that she can’t be seen. Koyal tells her audience to see the crime happen. Mohan goes back to live with his family, and Damini leaves.

When the reporters show up, they ask Jwala Devi what she did to Radha and the Trivedis. The reporters are forced to leave by the police. Mohan says to Radha that he’s glad she’s safe. He also lets Jwala Devi know that he can play games. Jwala Devi says that Radha still has a “shoot on sight” order and points her gun at her. A gunshot is heard all of a sudden. Everybody can see that Jwala Devi’s hand is hurt. When Shekhar shows up with the police, the Trivedis feel better.


Radha, Damini, and Mohan are at odds in this intense episode. Radha bravely faces Damini and tells her the truth about her, and Mohan steps in more than once to save her. Also, Gungun steps in and shows courage. It’s clear that Damini and Jwala Devi want to do bad things, but neither can pull the trigger.

Koyal’s live-streaming of the event surprises the episode and puts more pressure on Jwala Devi. The public sees the crime happen, which adds another level of social scrutiny. Damini gets away, making people wonder what she will do next. The episode ends with a cliffhanger: Jwala Devi’s hand is hurt, and Shekhar shows up with the police, giving the Trivedis hope.

The episode is full of suspense, drama, and heroic moments that make people eager to see what will happen next.

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