Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2023 Written Updates: Rishi is nervous and talks to Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2023 Written Updates: In today’s episode, Rishi tries to make Malishka feel better while standing up for Lakshmi in front of Neelam, Karishma, and Malishka. He says that Lakshmi would never hurt anyone. Rishi tells Malishka to calm down because she is mad at Lakshmi. Karishma says it’s time for Lakshmi to leave the house, but Neelam gets mad at Rishi for blindly trusting Lakshmi.

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Rishi tells Karishma, who is angry that Lakshmi will stay. He finds out about a medicine tablet and has it sent to him. He also calls a doctor immediately to treat Malishka’s face rash.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2023 Written Updates

After Neelam leaves, Rishi tries to make Malishka feel better. Malishka asks Rishi if he loves her, and he tells her that what matters is what people are like on the inside, not how they look. Thieves are planning to rob the Oberoi house at the same time. Shalu and Bani are both worried about Rishi’s plans to marry Malishka. Ayush sees how Shalu feels.

Rishi is nervous before the wedding, so he talks to Lakshmi. She asks him a strange question, and Rishi tells her that he saw someone trying to hurt Lakshmi. How do you think the story of Bhagya Lakshmi will continue?


In this episode, Neelam, Karishma, and Malishka fight with each other because Rishi is defending Lakshmi. Rishi also acts quickly to treat the rash on Malishka’s face. Malishka wonders if Rishi loves her, while Shalu and Bani are nervous about their upcoming engagement.

At the end of the episode, Rishi is surprised to hear that Lakshmi is in danger for unknown reasons. Thieves also want to break into the Oberoi house, which adds to the tension. Overall, the episode is full of sad and exciting parts that make people want to know what will happen next.

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