Imlie 5th September 2023 Written Update: Arto and Imlie fight with their destiny.

Imlie 5th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Devika is trying to wake Rudra up. Arto checks Rudra’s heartbeat and says that he’s okay. Akash says that because of an earthquake, the roads are closed, and many people have lost their homes. Kia asks Anu why they are still here. Anu says the police won’t arrest her because they are busy with the earthquake. Kia says that they also don’t want to help Anu. Anu says she has nowhere to go because she also lost her home. Imlie tells Kia to be friendly and not kick her out.

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People are fighting over the food that the rescue team is giving out. Arto calms everyone down. He says now that everyone is the same, they should all wait their turn. Kairi is hungry, so Imlie gives her some of her food. Arto says he will take care of it, but they both eat the food and have a good time. The rescue team is counting people. Devika says that Anu is not related to them. The team says they brought her along because they found her with them.

Imlie 5th September 2023 Written Update

Arto hears from Imlie that her baby, Choti Imlie, is having trouble breathing and needs a machine to help her. Anu is taking up all the power and won’t move. People are mad at her because she didn’t help a sick child. A rescue worker moves Anu, and they use the machine to help Choti Imlie breathe. But then the power goes out. Imlie thinks that Anu might be the reason.

Devika suggests using steam instead of the breathing machine if they don’t have one. Imlie says she will do anything to help her baby. She goes to get wood to make a fire. Arto asks for help, but the doctor tells him that everyone needs help and that he can’t choose who needs it the most. Imlie can say it’s about to rain, so she knows she needs to boil some water before it does.

Precap: Choti Imlie sings at a bar, saying no to a businessman’s extensive offer.


In this emotional episode, the characters deal with the aftermath of an earthquake, showing people’s good and bad sides when stressed. Devika and Arto care about health and safety, evident from the fact that Arto tells everyone that Rudra is fine, and Devika hesitates to add Anu to their family. On the other hand, Anu seems selfish, mainly when she uses the power a sick child needs for his breathing machine.

The best part is Arto’s speech during the food distribution. He says everyone is the same in a crisis and should be treated equally. It’s a call to work together and be patient. Imlie is an excellent example of kindness because she shares her food with Kairi and does everything she can to help her sick baby.

But the electricity problem makes things tense and makes people wonder what Anu is up to. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers to wonder what Anu will do next and how the community will work together to face these challenging times.

It’s a must-watch episode full of drama, suspense, and essential life lessons.

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