Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Rahat confronting Hina, stating that the ritual should not occur. In response, Hina asserts that the ceremony will proceed as planned and challenges anyone to try and stop her. Rahat questions her sanity and reminds her of the pain everyone is experiencing. Hina emphasizes that Haider married her willingly and not under duress, so all the rituals must be carried out.

Disregarding Rahat’s pleas, she defiantly declares that she will not listen to him and can go wherever she pleases. Gulnaaz intervenes, urging Hina to reconsider her actions and reminding her that Hameeda is not their enemy. As a mother, Hina should not ignore Hameeda’s feelings, especially considering Dua’s innocence. Gulnaaz warns Hina about the potential consequences of defying Hameeda’s wishes, suggesting that she inform everyone that the ritual will not occur.

Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Update
Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th May 2023 Written Update

Hina dismisses Gulnaaz, mocking her for interfering in matters that don’t concern her. She asserts her authority as a mother, emphasizing that Haider is her son and Gazal is her daughter-in-law. Gulnaaz pleads with Hina to prevent Hameeda from taking Dua away, but Hina callously questions why she should bother. Hina expresses her indifference to Dua leaving the house and even says she would be grateful if Dua died as soon as possible. Hina dismisses the pain she has caused, implying that no one cares about it.

Meanwhile, Dua anxiously waits for Hameeda, wondering why she hasn’t returned home yet. Dadi notices Gulnaaz approaching, well-dressed and ready for the occasion. She accuses Gulnaaz of flip-flopping in her stance and remarks that it feels like someone has died in the house. Dadi scolds Gulnaaz out of anger. Gulnaaz explains that Ruhan is under Gazal’s control, and if Gazal realizes Gulnaaz’s discontent with the ritual, she might harm Ruhan.

Gulnaaz insists that Gazal is reveling in their pain. Dadi warns Hina that she will regret supporting Gazal as she is oblivious to the forthcoming consequences. Ignoring the tension, Hina instructs Kaynaat and Noor to stand beside the bride and groom and proceed with the rituals. Dua overhears this and becomes emotional. The ceremonies commence as Hina urges Haider to unveil his wife’s face to everyone. Dua feels disheartened by the sight. Hina offers prayers for the couple, blissfully unaware of Dua’s anguish.

Hina notices Haider’s silence, and the others prompt him to reveal his wife’s face. Hina assumes Haider is delighted, but in reality, Haider envisions Dua’s face in Gazal’s and smiles at the thought. Gazal misinterprets his smile, believing he has fallen in love with her. Hina wishes for her children to remain happily ever after.

The guests congratulate the couple, and Hameeda arrives, offering her congratulations as well. Haider and Gazal remove the veil upon seeing her. Hameeda points out that the wedding is over, but the ritual remains incomplete. She desires to unleash a storm upon them and requests Hafeez to bring something. Hafeez presents a miniature model of her own house. Gazal appreciates the gift and thanks Hameeda.

However, before Gazal can hold the model, Hameeda drops it, symbolizing the destruction caused when someone ruins another person’s home. Hina questions Hameeda’s presence, and Hameeda responds by explaining that just as someone breaks someone else’s house, her house will also crumble. Hameeda directs her anger and curses toward Gazal, publicly humiliating her in front of everyone. Hameeda accuses Gazal of robbing Dua of her rights and happiness without considering Dua’s well-being.

She criticizes the guests for celebrating the ritual while ignoring Dua’s sorrow, urging them to empathize with Dua as if she were their daughter. Hameeda reveals that she entered this house as Dua’s friend, but Gazal snatched her husband away. Overwhelmed by emotions, Dua, locked inside a room, bursts into tears. The guests, influenced by Hameeda’s words, criticize Gazal and insult her.

Hina tries to intervene and calm the situation, but her efforts are futile as the guests decide to leave, disapproving of Gazal’s actions. Feeling the weight of the public humiliation, Gazal musters the courage to confront Hameeda. Before she can say anything, Dua slaps Gazal, overwhelmed by a surge of emotions and the pain inflicted upon her, leaving everyone shocked.

The room falls into silence as the realization of Dua’s anguish and the gravity of the situation settle in. Hurt and humiliated; Gazal looks at Dua with a mixture of surprise, confusion, and a glimmer of understanding. Hina rushes to Dua’s side, trying to console her while chastising Gazal for her role in causing Dua’s distress. Hameeda, though satisfied by the turn of events, realizes the depth of Dua’s pain and regrets the outburst, understanding that it may have caused more harm than intended.

As the episode concludes, the characters are left grappling with the aftermath of the slap and its repercussions. The lines between love, loyalty, and betrayal become blurred, and the once joyous occasion transforms into a battleground of emotions, testing the strength of family bonds and the resilience of relationships.

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