Ajooni 16th May 2023 Written Update: Shanky escapes from Bagga house

Ajooni 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Subhash expressing concern about Shanky and the need to take action. Akshay suggests putting Shanky behind bars while Rajveer reminisces. Bua chimes in, blaming Rajveer for causing them a lot of trouble. Rajveer defends himself to Akshay, acknowledging his past mistakes but highlighting how he has made Ajooni happy since their marriage. Akshay expresses gratitude towards Rajveer, who shrugs it off and taps Akshay on the shoulder, causing him to cough.

Ravinder informs the Baggas about Shanky’s wrongdoing. Bebe questions how he learned about it, and Ravinder reveals that Rajveer told him. He heads inside, and Harvinder secretly thinks it would be advantageous if Ravinder gets rid of Shanky, as he would become the sole heir of the Baggas. Meanwhile, Shanky confides in Karthar about his grudge against Rajveer and his plans to make him suffer during his wedding. Ravinder arrives with a gun and slaps Shanky for troubling Meher. Shanky tries to deny his actions, but Ravinder refuses to believe him.

Ajooni 16th May 2023 Written Update

In the kitchen, Ajooni wonders where Rajveer has gone. Rajveer joins her, playfully mentioning that anyone searching for him can find him near her. He playfully complains about her never praising him and expresses his desire to receive praise from her. Meher enters, teasing them both. Akshay interrupts their banter to talk to Meher. Rajveer and Ajooni continue teasing them, but Akshay clarifies the situation. Meher makes an excuse and leaves the kitchen.

Bebe anxiously wonders what Ravinder has done to Shanky. Harvinder and Harman try to reassure her, but Ravinder brings Shanky into the room and slaps him. Bebe questions her son’s actions, but Ravinder insists it’s necessary to teach Shanky a lesson. He locks Shanky in the room and says he must stay there until Meher’s marriage ends. Bebe pleads with Ravinder, reminding him that Shanky is her grandson, but Ravinder remains resolute. Shanky protests his innocence to Bebe, and Ravinder warns them not to open the door. He then asks Bebe to choose between him and Shanky, leaving her speechless. Everyone exits the room, leaving Bebe alone.

Shanky calls Tejender and recounts the events, including the news of Meher’s impending marriage. Tejender advises his son to escape from the Bagga house while he handles Subhash and abruptly ends the call. Shanky sets fire to the room and screams for help. Bebe becomes worried upon hearing him and instructs Harvinder to break down the door. However, Harvinder hesitates to defy Ravinder’s orders.

Meanwhile, Tejender and Amrit arrive at Subhash’s house. Ajooni questions their presence, and Amrit explains they came to attend the wedding. Subhash warmly welcomes them, and at Bebe’s request, a servant breaks down the door. Shanky escapes, and Harvinder urges Bebe to deal with Ravinder.

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