Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update: Natasha and Naveli reach Pandya house.

Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Shantanu asks his sister how they can leave Natasha with the Makwanas when they hardly know anything about them. He wonders what scared Natasha so much, finding her with torn clothes. He also questions why the Makwanas did not look for Natasha in the past seven years. His sister asks by what right he is trying to make Natasha stay, reminding him that Natasha is Naveli Makwana’s mother and Dhawal’s wife. Shantanu refuses to leave her in such a state.

Naveli keeps crying, so Bhavin tells Pranali they should tell Naveli the truth. Hetal arrives and agrees with Bhavin. Shantanu insists that he cannot leave Natasha as she is in a childlike state. Pranali asks Hetal not to say anything that might hurt Naveli. Hetal tells Pranali to make Naveli quiet or make Natasha and Naveli leave. Pranali thinks she will ask Shantanu to take Natasha with him so that Naveli doesn’t separate from her. Naveli cries silently, overhearing everything. Pranali wonders how to convince Naveli that she is her real mother. At night, Shantanu walks around and thinks about the recent incident.

Pandya Store 19th May 2024 Written Update

Natasha asks Shantanu if he will leave her. Shantanu realizes it was his imagination. Naveli secretly comes to Natasha and takes her outside. In her sleepy state, Natasha starts walking with her. She is about to drop a vase, but Naveli catches it. Naveli packs Natasha’s clothes. While she is doing so, Natasha takes a piece of paper and puts it in Shantanu’s sister’s nose, who is sleeping. Naveli warns Natasha not to play like that and takes her with her. Natasha asks Naveli where they are going. Naveli says she heard Pranali saying they would make her leave, so they should leave the Makwana house together. She tells Natasha she knows she is her mother.

Natasha talks about Dhawal accepting that she is Naveli’s mother. Shantanu misses seeing Natasha and Naveli leaving the Makwana house. He hears a door closing and checks outside but doesn’t find anyone. Natasha and Naveli happily run on the road. Naveli suddenly stops and asks where they will go and where they will stay. Natasha says it’s fun to run, so they should keep running. Mithu is shown at the Pandya house in front of Suman’s photo. Kanta asks if he found information about Sesh, but he denies it.

Mithu says the Pandyas are no longer there, which must hurt his parents and the rest of the family members’ souls. Natasha gets tired of running and enters a place with Naveli. She finds herself in front of the Pandya house. Natasha pushes a window, and it opens. Naveli tells Natasha that it’s not their house. Natasha says it’s empty inside, so they should go in. She picks up Naveli and makes her enter the Pandya house and gets inside, too. The episode ends with them finding Mithu sleeping there, which triggers Natasha’s memories.

Precap: Shantanu and his sister will question the Makwanas worriedly about whether they have seen Bittu. Shantanu will grab Dhawal by his collar, asking the same and warning them to send them to jail. Dhawal will say that Naveli and Natasha are missing, so he will file a complaint himself as he has a right to both.

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