Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha feels very happy to be with Jhanak.

Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a conversation between Anirudha and Jhanak. Listening to Anirudha’s request, Jhanak secretly meets him at a restaurant. Jhanak worries about the stormy weather, but Anirudha assures her he will drop her off at home. Their conversation turns to Jhanak’s education. She wants to return to Kashmir in four or five days. Anirudha asks Jhanak if she will come back to Kolkata after her exams. But Jhanak doesn’t want to return to the Bose house; she prefers to stay in Kashmir.

Though Jhanak doesn’t tell Anirudha about her future plans, he assumes she wants to be with Rahul. Jhanak denies this and continues their chat. Jhanak wants to treat Anirudha. She asks the waiter to serve juice. Anirudha feels very happy to be with Jhanak and recalls their good times in Kashmir. Remembering the old days, they both feel nostalgic.

Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Update

After a while, the waiter serves the food. Anirudha wants to treat her for his birthday. They continue discussing their likes and dislikes. They both enjoy each other’s company. Jhanak brings a cake for Anirudha and asks him to cut it. The waiter asks them to hurry because a cyclone is entering the city. Anirudha assures him they won’t take long.

Jhanak becomes more anxious about the storm, but Anirudha assures her he will drop her home. Jhanak fears another drama from the Bose family. At home, everyone is worried because Anirudha is not answering his phone. Arshi feels very frustrated waiting at the Bose house. Tanuja asks Ajanta about Jhanak, and she assures her that Jhanak went out with her permission to buy gifts and books.

Vipasha senses a connection between Jhanak’s absence and Anirudha’s. She realizes they might be together. Arshi is convinced that Jhanak wants to celebrate Anirudha’s birthday before anyone else. This thought makes Arshi more irritated, and she doesn’t want to wait for him anymore. Tanuja requests that she not leave the house in the stormy weather, fearing she might have an accident.

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