Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Dhara praying in the temple. She regrets her existence and remembers how her mother deprived her. Tears stream down her face as she shares her thoughts with the Almighty. Arushi’s mother, Dhara’s mother, overhears Dhara’s monologue. Dhara continues to express her pain and declares that she will never forgive her mother for betraying her.

Dhara’s mother promises herself that she will stay away from Dhara to avoid disturbing her. Her pained expression reflects her suffering. Suddenly, they accidentally collide, and Dhara senses her mother’s presence but cannot see her face. On the one hand, other people wish Dhara a happy birthday, but on the other hand, they remind her of her cruel destiny.

Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Update
Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, Shiva is eagerly looking forward to their next meeting. When Deb asks why he seems indifferent, Shiva reveals his desire to invite Arushi to the birthday party. Dev forbids it, but Shiva becomes annoyed by the neglect of others and decides to take matters into his own hands. Arushi’s mother advises her against finalizing the marriage. However, Shiva calls Arushi and invites her to the birthday party, requesting she bring her mother along. Arushi accepts the invitation.

Raavi enters Shiva’s room and notices what he is doing. When she asks, Shiva becomes irritated by her presence. At that moment, Shivang appears and gifts her some new clothes to wear at the party. Shiva becomes emotional and embraces Shivang, finding a glimmer of hope. Shweta arrives and shares some positive words with Shiva, uplifting his spirits. Shiva is then asked to get ready for the party. After they leave, Shweta and Shivang reveal their true intentions—they want to control Shiva.

Rishita teaches the children a dance routine for the party, bringing joy to everyone except Chiku, who sits there unaffected. When Rishita gives him a balloon, he throws it in the air. Rishita can’t understand what is going on. In the evening, Dhara goes to the kitchen to prepare the food. Arushi is on her way to the party. Dhara is surprised by the eerie silence throughout the house.

When she reaches the balcony, the other family members surprise her, and resentment builds on Dhara’s face. Rishita pays no attention to her resentment and starts dragging Dhara along, lifting the mood of others. Raavi, Gautam, and Dev start dancing and singing around her. Gautam pulls Dhara towards him, and Shiva extends his hand, but his gaze remains fixed on Arushi.

Suman urges Dhara to put a smile on her face, but she still can’t smile, as if she has forgotten how to. Raavi approaches Shiva and asks why he is staring at the door. Shiva doesn’t respond, but Raavi understands he is waiting for someone. Meanwhile, Arushi arrives with a flower vase and a wide smile.

The Pandya family members show their gestures upon seeing Arushi. Shiva warmly welcomes her and compliments her beauty. Dhara mentions that she has seen her somewhere before. Raavi becomes sad upon Arushi’s arrival. Arushi notices Dhara’s name written on the wall.

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