Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update: Aparajita doubts Kalpana

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Aparajita putting henna on Disha’s hand. Disha complains that it’s causing a burning sensation and falls. Akshay catches her, and Aparajita and Akshay ask Arjun to call the doctor. One of the guests remarks that Disha is unlucky and suggests that the bride and groom’s horoscopes don’t match.

Aparajita notices Disha’s hand turning blue, and Akshay wonders if it reacts to the henna. Aparajita tests it on her hand and realizes it’s not the henna’s fault. With tears in her eyes, Kalpana wonders what Mohini added to the thread (Dhaga). Arjun brings Doctor Anshuman, who happens to be attending their function. The doctor examines Disha and asks someone to fetch his medical kit. He advises them to move Disha to a room.

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update

Kalpana calls Mohini and questions her about what she mixed in the thread. She pleads with Mohini to save Disha. Mohini reveals that it’s a magical thread meant to harm Disha. Arjun hands the medical kit to Anshuman, who examines Disha’s condition. Anshuman asks Akshay to step outside and contacts his hospital to request an antivenom injection urgently. Unfortunately, he receives a negative response and questions why they can’t send it.

Aparajita asks Anshuman if someone has poisoned her daughter. Anshuman explains that Disha’s symptoms suggest poisoning. Akshay asks where they can obtain the antivenom injection. Anshuman explains there is a shortage of antivenom injections, and while one hospital has them in stock, a strike prevents anyone from entering the premises. He instructs Aparajita to remove the jewelry from Disha’s body, and she leaves to do so.

Akshay asks Anshuman to send him the hospital’s address so he can attempt to retrieve the injection. Chavi insists on accompanying Akshay to the hospital, and they set off to find the antivenom vaccine. Aparajita removes the jewelry from Disha’s body as instructed, and Disha laments her bad luck. Aparajita comforts her with kind words and assures her that she will remove the thread (Dhaga). Kalpana offers to remove it and proceeds to untie it. Aparajita notices powder on Kalpana’s hand and becomes suspicious.

Akshay and Chavi arrive at the hospital, but the protestors refuse to let them enter and obtain the antivenom vaccine. One of the protestors approaches Akshay and whispers something to him. Akshay signals him to proceed with his plan and stops Chavi from arguing with the protestors. Anshuman informs Aparajita and the others that the poison entered Disha’s body through the thread. Aparajita wonders why Kalpana would do such a thing to her daughter. Chavi asks Akshay why he trusts the unknown man.

Akshay reveals that he is ACP Kabir and is trying to help them. Kabir manages to bring the vaccine with him. The hospital staff recognizes and prepares to attack him, but Chavi intervenes and urges them not to harm Kabir. Kabir apologizes to the hospital staff for his colleague’s mistake and explains that he is taking the vaccine to save someone’s life. The staff initially ignores him and tries to attack him, but the police team arrives. Kabir stops his team and requests that the hospital staff allow them to take the vaccine. Eventually, the hospital staff relents and permits them to proceed.

Aparajita uses the powder she brought for Dadi to minimize the effects of the poison on Disha’s body. Akshay gets the vaccine and hands it to Anshuman, who administers the antivenom injection to Disha. He reassures everyone that she will be fine and that they can resume the henna application in half an hour. Everyone feels relieved and happy.

Chavi expresses gratitude to Kabir for his assistance. Aparajita inquires about Kabir’s identity, and Akshay explains that he is ACP Kabir, who helped them obtain the injection. Aparajita expresses her gratitude, but her attention is caught by Kalpana, who appears tense.

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