Ajooni 18th May 2023 Written Update: Rajveer exposes Shanky

Ajooni 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Ravinder informing Rajveer that he needs to inspect the box brought by Tejender. Rajveer disagrees with him. Subhash tells Rajveer that Ravinder is doing the right thing. They open the box and find a refrigerator—Rajveer and Amrit mock Ravinder. Tejender argues with Ravinder.

Subhash asks them to stop fighting. Shanky and a few men disguised as Shanky enter with the box. Subhash and Rajveer go inside. Tejender tells Ravinder that he feels terrible that Ravinder works as a bodyguard. Ravinder scolds him and warns him to be quiet and eat. Meanwhile, Shanky removes his fake mustache and beard.

Ajooni 18th May 2023 Written Update
Ajooni 18th May 2023 Written Update

Tejender tells Ravinder that he can’t even handle his son. Ravinder says that even Rajveer has changed by being with Amrit and Tejender. Amrit tells him Rajveer has become mature and seen Ravinder’s true face. Tejender declares that Ravinder is pretending to be against Shanky. Ravinder warns Tejender to be quiet. Rajveer asks Ravinder what he will do. Ravinder says that he won’t tolerate Tejender’s accusations. Ajooni arrives and says it’s time for the wedding. Everyone goes inside except Ravinder.

Shanky sneaks into Akshay’s room. He hides behind the cupboard when Bharat enters the room. He learns that Akshay is allergic to perfume. Bharat takes Akshay with him. Shanky calls Tejender and informs him about something. After a while, Tejender secretly puts something in the havan kund. The priest begins the puja. Akshay starts coughing due to the smoke. Rajveer tells Akshay to go to his room for a while.

Akshay enters his room and drinks water. Shanky attacks Akshay, causing him to lose consciousness. Shanky wears Akshay’s outfit and goes to the wedding mandap. The priest asks them to bring the bride. Ajooni and Bua bring Meher. Meher sits beside Shanky. Subhash performs the gathbandhan ritual. The priest instructs the groom and the bride to take the pheres. Ajooni notices something and informs Rajveer about it. Rajveer removes Shanky’s veil. Everyone is shocked to see Shanky in Akshay’s place. Bharat asks Shanky where Akshay is. Akshay arrives, and his parents go to him. Akshay reveals the attack.

Amrit says that Ravinder has fooled everyone. Rajveer calls Ravinder, who arrives. The Vohras accuse Ravinder of betrayal. Rajveer says that everything was part of Ravinder’s plan. Ravinder asks Rajveer how he can doubt him. Rajveer questions Ravinder about how Shanky managed to enter the house and if Ravinder had done his job correctly. Ravinder says that Shanky will tell the truth and slaps him. He points a gun at Shanky and demands the truth. Amrit and Tejender are shocked to see this.

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