Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Update: Prerna leaves Pandya Niwas

Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Prerna storming out of the house following a heated argument with Krish. Despite Krish’s declarations of love, Prerna remains unreceptive. She reveals that Krish’s ex-wife has rebranded herself and is expecting his child, and congratulates him sarcastically, implying he should stay with his ex. In a hurry, Prerna packs her belongings.

Simultaneously, Suman chides her grandchildren for consuming non-vegetarian food and insists they purify themselves by bathing in cow dung. The children apologize, lamenting that Suman’s strictness surpasses their maths teacher’s. They question why no one is feeding them now, to which Suman rebukes them further. Amid this, she inquires about her tea from Markundi.

Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Update
Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 12th May 2023 Written Update

As Prerna prepares to leave, Krish pleads with her to stay, dropping to his knees in desperation. Prerna acknowledges that Krish’s decision to marry wasn’t entirely his fault but insists she can’t cope with the impending arrival of Shweta’s baby, who is, after all, Krish’s child too.

Witnessing Prerna and Krish’s departure, Dhara rushes to intervene. The children continue to seek forgiveness from their grandmother, who refuses to let them near. Their mothers watch the unfolding drama from outside Suman’s room. Meanwhile, in the marketplace, Krish is bullied by a woman who derides him for his complicated relationships. This only fuels Prerna’s anger further.

Dhara catches up with Krish and Prerna, urging Prerna to return home and resolve their issues. Prerna retorts, accusing Dhara of hypocrisy and questioning her presence on the road. In the ensuing argument, Prerna narrowly escapes being hit by a car driven by a thug named Dhananjay. A shaken Krish embraces Prerna and reiterates his plea for her to stay. However, Prerna asks Dhananjay for a ride to the airport and departs with him.

Meanwhile, Shweta is seen happily accepting Prashad at the temple and discussing plans to go to Canada with Shivang. At home, Suman’s son, Shiva, reluctantly fetches fresh cow dung for the children. On his way back, he considers seeking a match at a marriage bureau.

Dhara implores Krish to save Prerna, but he angrily demands that she stay out of their affairs. Krish pursues Prerna to secure a bike from a neighbor, followed closely by Dhara in an auto-rickshaw. In Dhananjay’s car, Prerna resists his passionate advances. Spotting Krish’s pursuit, she gains a shred of hope.

Meanwhile, Shiva enlists the help of the marriage bureau, and they promise to contact him when a suitable match is found. However, things turn dark when Prerna realizes Dhananjay is not driving toward the airport. When she questions him, he stays silent. The episode concludes on this cliffhanger.

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