Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update: Chandni know the truth

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode opens with Nisha photographing Chandni and Raunaq. Raunaq’s radiant smile suggests his hope that this moment will ease Chandni’s discomfort. Vandana, meanwhile, wrestles with her sorrow over Roshni’s self-destructive choices. She struggles to understand why Roshni perceives Chandni as a foe when Chandni has even married to ensure her safety.

Vandana’s introspection is interrupted by an overheard conversation between Ishika and Roshni. Ishika is reluctant to continue following Roshni’s orders, confessing her guilt over the embarrassment she has caused another woman. She questions Roshni’s actions towards her sister and rejects any future involvement in her schemes. Vandana, shocked, realizes Roshni orchestrated the hardships Chandni endured.

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update
Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th May 2023 Written Update

In the kitchen, Chandni prepares breakfast as Vandana approaches. Chandni promises to give Vandana a foot massage after breakfast to help her feel better. Vandana, however, hesitates before revealing the distressing incident from the previous night. When Chandni reflexively blames Raunaq, Vandana corrects her – the perpetrator is Roshni. Chandni is stunned, believing Raunaq’s earlier admission of guilt, but Vandana shares her eavesdropped revelation about Roshni’s manipulative phone call to Ishika. In turn, Ishika apologizes to Chandni and confirms the truth.

Chandni serves up aloo paratha for breakfast. Gautam, nursing a bruise he received on Chandni’s behalf, decides to honor her. Chandni’s gaze seeks out Raunaq, and she becomes lost in his presence upon seeing him. Nisha playfully teases her with a romantic song, informing Chandni about Raunaq’s injury. Raunaq tries to make light of the situation, which incites a playful argument between him and Chandni. Chandni eventually apologizes for her unnecessary harshness the previous night. Despite Raunaq’s attempt to take the blame for the incident, Chandni confesses that she already knows the truth.

Raunaq and Chandni reconcile, sharing a handshake and playfully referring to each other as adversaries. Chandni insists on helping Raunaq with his injury, applying ointment amidst shared laughter and banter. Raunaq asks Chandni to keep his injury a secret, to which she responds with amusement. Vimla then presents Chandni with a pickle to taste. Chandni appreciates its South Indian style, which Vimla reveals is also a favorite of her children, especially Raunaq.

Chandni then inquires about the pickle recipe and asks Vimla about her predecessor, Chitra. Vimla reminisces about the simple-hearted Chitra, who navigated both joy and sorrow. She speaks of Chitra’s happiness with Sumer, which became lonely when Sumer became preoccupied. Chitra’s sudden death due to a heart attack shocked everyone. Vimla also mentions a significant fight between Chitra and Sumer, dramatically altering their relationship and profoundly affecting Raunaq. The episode concludes with Chandni contemplating this new information.

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