Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th May 2023 Written Update: Vidhi in a dilemma

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Amba vividly recalling the humiliating encounter she had with the media. As the warden brings her food, Amba expresses concern about its lack of hygiene. The warden dismisses her concerns, stating that this is the only food available and she must either eat it or go hungry throughout the night. Frustrated, Amba wipes her sweat away with her saree and requests that the fan be turned on.

Durga mockingly asks if she should also turn on the AC for her, reminding her that it’s a jail, not a mansion, for her comfort. Amba expresses her disappointment in Durga’s behavior, but Durga warns her that if she receives a few more complaints, Amba will be imprisoned indefinitely. This news frustrates Amba further.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th May 2023 Written Update
Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th May 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, a constable informs Amba that someone has come to meet her. Vidhi enters and taunts Amba, noting that she probably didn’t expect to end up in jail. Amba vows to take revenge on Vidhi once she is released, but Vidhi confidently states that Amba will never leave that place, and she is paying for her sins. Vidhi challenges Amba, asserting that she will ensure Amba pays for her misdeeds.

In their heated exchange, Amba insults Vidhi by calling her a beggar, to which Vidhi counters that Amba is the real beggar in life, as her pleas to God only result in punishment. Vidhi points out that despite her imprisonment, she can still see the sky and the outside world, while Amba is confined like a caged bird. Amba insists she will not let Vidhi win. Still, Vidhi is determined to prevent Amba from escaping the consequences of her actions, urging her to get comfortable in her current situation.

Later, Priya makes a video call to Vidhi, expressing her contentment and happiness in her new home. Simi sounds like she misses Priya, but the call ends abruptly when Dev enters. Dev confronts Vidhi, reminding her of the many opportunities he has given her. Vidhi defends her family, telling Dev they should not treat their loved ones that way. She stands for Priya and questions Dev’s preparedness for his upcoming speech. Dev brushes it off, claiming it’s not a big deal, and explains his concept to Vidhi.

However, Vidhi surprises Dev by revealing that she has prepared the speech for him and presents him with a new shirt as a special gift. Dev becomes curious about how she obtained the money for the shirt, and Vidhi assures him that she bought it out of her love for him. In a flashback, Vidhi remembers taking a gold loan to purchase the shirt, realizing that Dev would be upset if he discovered the truth.

Meanwhile, Satyavati prays at the temple and blesses Dev. Abhimanyu and Chithra admire his new shirt, but Chithra suddenly feels dizzy. Concerned, Dev inquires about her well-being, but Chithra dismisses it as a persistent feeling since morning. Vidhi hesitates to accompany Dev to the speech, sensing something amiss and a lack of positive vibes. She decides against going with him, despite Dev’s efforts to convince her. Eventually, Dev convinces her, and they leave together after receiving Satyavati’s blessings.

At the venue, one of Dev’s students discusses the details of the guests, expressing disappointment at Dev Raichand’s attendance. He tries to persuade Dev to arrive early for the speech. Dev and Vidhi arrive, and Dev advises Raichand to maintain professionalism. He excuses himself to attend a phone call from Bimla, leaving Vidhi to handle the situation on his behalf. Vidhi, determined to prove herself, takes charge and believes she can manage the speech better than Dev.

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