Dheere Dheere Se 16th May 2023 Written Update: Jagjeevan encourages Bhawana

Dheere Dheere Se 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Jagjeevan contacting the priest, explaining that Bhawana is his daughter-in-law and requesting alternative solutions to solve their problems. The priest insists that their current practice is the only way to protect the family, which upsets Jagjeevan. However, Bhawana arrives and reassures him not to worry. She wants to speak with Raghav again, acknowledging her mixed feelings towards him but understanding that his actions were intended for her well-being. Encouraged by Jagjeevan, she decides to reach out to Raghav.

Malini brings Bhawana’s favorite food and reminisces about their past bond, evoking strong emotions in Bhawana. Aanchal enters the scene, imploring Bhawana not to cut her hair, but Bhawana remains silent. Angered, Aanchal storms off and overhears a call where Aarushi refuses specific modeling work. Aanchal decides to take up the opportunity herself, thinking that if Bhawana doesn’t listen to her, she might as well do something for herself. She takes the details and leaves, leaving Aarushi smiling.

Dheere Dheere Se 16th May 2023 Written Update
Dheere Dheere Se 16th May 2023 Written Update

Later, Aanchal arrives at the shooting location and signs the contract. However, she realizes that the modeling shoot has nothing to do with nail art and refuses to proceed. The worker insists, but before anything happens, the police arrive at the scene. Aanchal explains to the inspector that she ended up here by mistake. The inspector asks her to call her parents to confirm her story, leaving Aanchal worried.

Meanwhile, Raghav is on his way somewhere when he receives a call from Aanchal. She explains that she’s in trouble and pleads with him to save her. Raghav agrees to help but asks her to send him the location. To his shock, he sees the area and realizes the seriousness of the situation. Meanwhile, Bhawana contemplates whether to call Raghav or not but ultimately decides to contact him. Initially mistaking her for Aanchal, Raghav tells her he’s on his way. Bhawana clarifies her identity but then chooses to disconnect the call. Raghav informs her about Aanchal’s trouble, which is shocking Bhawana. He shares the location with her, and Bhawana rushes to meet Aanchal.

Upon arriving, Bhawana finds Raghav with Aanchal. She demands the truth from Aanchal, who reveals everything, leaving both Bhawana and Raghav stunned. Aanchal pleads for Bhawana’s forgiveness, admitting to lying for her well-being. Bhawana scolds her, and Aanchal defends her actions by comparing her to Raghav’s previous lie to Bhawana, emphasizing that they both had good intentions. Bhawana becomes furious and lashes out at Raghav, asking him to stay away from her, Aanchal, and her family. Bhawana leaves with Aanchal.

In her room, Bhawana breaks down, and Aanchal pleads with her not to cry, promising not to repeat her mistakes. Bhawana explains that she had planned to spend more time with Aanchal before going to the Ashram the next day but feels that everything has been ruined. Aanchal weeps and begs Bhawana not to leave her alone. Both Bhawana and Aanchal cry inconsolably. Bhawana decides to go to the Ashram and asks Aanchal to stay with the family until her return. The Shastri family overhears their conversation, and Jagjeevan becomes saddened, praying to God for a solution.

Vidya visits Bhawana, Vidya visits Bhawana, and Aanchal pleads with her to talk to Bhawana and convince her to reconsider her decision. Aanchal then goes to meet Jagjeevan, who is visibly distraught. Vidya tries to reason with Bhawana, urging her to abandon her plan, but Bhawana remains steadfast in her resolve. However, she makes Vidya promise to take care of Aanchal in her absence. They share a heartfelt hug, expressing their love and concern for each other.

Meanwhile, Raghav unintentionally overhears Dimple’s conversation with Abhishek about Bhawana’s situation. He becomes determined to stop Bhawana from going through with her decision. Recalling Aanchal’s earlier words and reminiscing about their college days, Raghav remembers Deepak’s speech on women’s empowerment. He realizes that he cannot retrieve the address from college due to the late hour and ponders how to intervene and prevent Bhawana’s departure.

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