Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Chandni’s concern growing as she reflects on the recent events: Sumer’s cancelled engagement, Chitra’s death, and now Roshni being attacked. She suspects someone is intentionally targeting her family, wondering if Chitra’s death was also orchestrated and if Raunaq remains oblivious to the truth. Unsure herself, Chandni hesitates to confide in Raunaq. Lost in her thoughts, Raunaq playfully teases Chandni for admiring his handsome face, joking about getting an amulet to ward off the evil eye. Chandni retorts by saying he isn’t that good-looking.

Raunaq rises from the couch and moves closer to Chandni, their eyes locked in an intense moment. Playfully, he taunts her, suggesting that she is nothing special, and playfully compares their facial features. Unexpectedly, ink splatters onto Raunaq’s face, leading Chandni to laugh and capture the moment with her camera.

Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update
Chashni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Unaware of the ink on his face, Raunaq confidently poses for the pictures. Their banter escalates into an argument when Raunaq demands that Chandni delete the images. They playfully chase each other around the room, resulting in Chandni falling into Raunaq’s arms. She also smears ink on his face in retaliation, capturing more pictures of their playful encounter.

Meanwhile, Nisha repeatedly sends messages to Manav, only to have him block her. Feeling heartbroken, Nisha seeks solace in Sanjot’s company. However, Sanjot remains engrossed in her phone, causing Nisha to accuse her of prioritizing her business over their relationship.

In another part of the house, Chandni is fast asleep when Vimla stealthily enters the room, holding a knife. Chandni awakens to Vimla’s gestures, indicating she is wearing a Bluetooth earpiece. On a phone call, Vimla hesitates to carry out the plan now that Chandni is awake. Chandni realizes that the person on the ring is a family member.

Deep in thought, Chandni contemplates that she and Roshni are recent additions to the household and have been targeted. She wonders if Chitra’s murder was connected to these attacks. Seeking Raunaq’s assistance, Chandni reminds him of her previous request to help protect Roshni. She explains how everything seems orchestrated, including the incident in the storeroom, which was an attack on Roshni. Chandni tries to convince Raunaq that the threat letters are not a joke, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. She cautions Raunaq that they, too, might become targets. However, Raunaq remains sceptical and doubts Chandni’s claims.

Desperate to make Raunaq understand, Chandni hesitates before revealing the identity of the person who sent the threatening letters. Just then, Vimla enters the room, visibly distressed and in tears. Raunaq extends his support, offering her water and a place to sit. Overwhelmed, Vimla confesses that she overheard their conversation and confirms Chandni’s suspicions.

She reveals that she was the one who sent those letters, acknowledging the risk she is taking by doing so. Vimla explains that Sanjot is responsible for the attacks and that she also held a grudge against Chitra. Vimla discloses the extent of Sumer’s love for Chitra and his desire to keep her happy. The episode concludes with Raunaq, consumed by fury, upon discovering that Sanjot had harmed his mother.

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