Maitree 14th May 2023 Written Update: Sadhana gives advice to Maitree

Maitree 14th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Maitree reflecting on recent events while Sadhana inquires about her concerns regarding Vasundhara’s potential arrest. Maitree reveals that she has already discussed it with Dinesh. Curious, Sadhana questions Maitree about the actual culprit if Vasundhara is innocent. Maitree dismisses the thought, expressing her desire to focus solely on her work. She mentions rejecting a significant event due to her refusal to collaborate with Harsh. As the doorbell rings, Sadhana answers it, only to find Harsh standing there. Maitree is taken aback to see him in her house.

Vasundhara sarcastically praises Nandini for sacrificing her mother to save herself, leading Nandini to urge Vasundhara to stop playing the victim since it doesn’t suit her. Nandini confronts Vasundhara, asserting that she deserves the consequences for attempting to separate her and Ashish. Vasundhara vows to remember this day, prompting Nandini to make a biting remark about her statement.

Maitree 14th May 2023 Written Update
Maitree 14th May 2023 Written Update

Maitree tries to usher Harsh out of her house, but he persists in convincing her to work with him on the project. Maitree doubts Harsh’s ability to handle such a significant undertaking independently. Sadhana interjects, declaring that she will be the one to make the final decision.

Nandini arrives at the Tiwari family’s residence, feigning distress. Sona and Om inquire about the matter, and Nandini reveals that Dinesh has arrested her mother, Vasundhara, accusing her of tarnishing Maitree’s reputation. Ashish consoles Nandini, assuring her that they will weather the storm together. Nandini claims that she has severed all ties with Vasundhara and that they can never reconcile. Ashish falls for Nandini’s act.

Sadhana serves food to Harsh, who commends the meal. Maitree suspects Harsh of being cunning and believes Sadhana is falling into his trap. Harsh explains that it is a client’s request for them to work together. Despite Maitree’s objections, Sadhana assures Harsh that she will convince Maitree to cooperate. Harsh expresses his gratitude to Sadhana and departs from the house.

Harsh receives a phone call from his mother inquiring about his well-being. Harsh replies that he is fine and briefly converses before ending the call. Maitree is reluctant to work with Harsh, claiming he cannot deliver. Sadhana reminds Maitree that opportunities are scarce and must be seized when they arise. She suggests that Maitree collaborate solely with Harsh for this project and avoid further interaction with him. Reluctantly, Maitree agrees.

The client and Harsh await Maitree’s arrival. Doubting that she would come, the client asks Harsh if he is willing to proceed with the project alone. Harsh insists that he will only undertake the project with Maitree. The client decides to wait for an additional five minutes. Maitree arrives at the office just in time. Harsh remarks that she nearly gave him a heart attack with her tardiness. The client asks Maitree if she agrees to work with Harsh, to which she reluctantly agrees, urging them to commence the briefing. The client proceeds to provide them with the project’s details.

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