Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Meet and Manmeet bringing Cheeku into their home, while Kanika becomes angry as her plan fails. Meet offers Cheeku water and tends to his injured feet. Observing Cheeku’s pain, Kanika ponders how to get rid of him. Meet inquires about Cheeku’s severe injuries, reassuring him that they will heal soon. Despite Cheeku’s tears of pain, Meet tenderly cleans his wound and applies for medicine, skillfully bandaging his foot. Meet then asks Manmeet if Cheeku is the child who ran away from the orphanage. He contacts Chanda, asking her to examine a photo she receives and determine if it matches the runaway child.

Meanwhile, Kanika notices Meet taking pictures of Cheeku. Meet provides Cheeku with a pen and paper, encouraging him to write down information about himself. Gunwanti blames Meet and Manmeet for their absence at the factory, while Mahendra and Gunwanti attempt to incite Sarkar. Yashoda tries to alleviate the situation, but Sarkar scolds her. Anxious, Cheeku tries to write something, but his trembling hands cause the pen to fall when he recalls Mohan’s death. Meet consoles him, embracing him tightly and reassuring him not to be afraid.

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update
Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update

Later, Manmeet informs Meet that Sumeet has a fever and is resting. Meet panics, wanting to attend to Sumeet, but Manmeet assures her that Sumeet is already asleep. Manmeet reveals that Sumeet knew Cheeku and that Meet had brought him home two days earlier. He provides all the details, enabling Meet to connect the dots regarding Sumeet’s previous questions and realize that Sumeet had been helping Cheeku. Meet wonders why so many people are after Cheeku.

Sarkar, Yashoda, and others return home, expressing disappointment in Manmeet. Mahendra also blames him for prioritizing a stranger over family. Gunwanti notices Cheeku wearing Veer’s clothes and accuses him of theft. Yashoda tries to intervene, but Gunwanti continues to question Cheeku, who nervously clings to Meet. Meet warns Gunwanti not to make baseless allegations against a child. Sarkar tells Manmeet to stop following his wife. Kanika realizes she’s in deeper trouble now that the entire family knows about the child.

Meet prays and reminisces about her lost son. She expresses her understanding of the pain of being separated from a child and hopes that God can help Cheeku find his family. While praying, Meet is unaware that Lata, arranging toys in a basket, discovers Cheeku’s locket. Lata wonders if it belongs to Sumeet.

Lata goes to the temple where Meet is praying and waits for her to finish. As someone calls Lata, she places the locket before Meet and departs. Meet continues to pray wholeheartedly but overlooks the locket left behind. Manmeet joins her, sitting by her side, and offers comfort as she cries and embraces him. Meet shares her emotional connection with Cheeku, and Manmeet assures her that a mother’s love is powerful, giving her hope of finding her son soon. Meanwhile, Cheeku continues to cry alone in his room.

The episode concludes with Meet and Manmeet deciding to pray for Cheeku, while Kanika plans to make him leave while they are away.

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