Main Hoon Aparajita 14th May 2023 Written Update: Disha and Arjun’s marriage date fixed

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with the guests observing Nia entering the hall with a suitcase, sparking rumors that the bride might run away before the wedding. Concerned, Dadi inquires about the situation and asks if everything is alright. Aparajita assures her that everything is fine, signaling Akshay. Taking Ashmith aside, Akshay expresses his desire to have a heartfelt conversation as a concerned father.

He reveals that Arjun’s love lies with Disha, not Nia, and requests Ashmith to consider Disha and Arjun’s marriage for their child’s happiness guests share their opinions. Aparajita urges Ashmith to make the right decision for their child’s bright future, disregarding the gossip. Eventually, Ashmith agrees to Disha and Arjun’s union, leaving everyone satisfied. Akshay expresses gratitude to Ashmith.

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th May 2023 Written Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 14th May 2023 Written Update

Akshay announces that Arjun will tie these three days, inviting everyone to the wedding. Aparajita congratulates both Nia and Disha. However, Mohini arrives and creates a scene, attempting to harm Disha with a knife. Nia intervenes and gets injured while preventing Mohini’s attack. The incident shocks everyone, and Aparajita quickly tends to Nia’s wound. Mohini apologizes to Nia, and Akshay sternly asks her to leave.

Nia expresses relief that she was hurt instead of Disha but acknowledges that their blood relationship has ended. Mohini accuses Aparajita of being responsible for the current situation, claiming that her daughter treats her as an outsider and publicly insults her. Akshay warns Mohini to leave, emphasizing that his daughters are his pride and he won’t tolerate her influence on them. Aparajita asserts that Nia is her daughter and urges Mohini to depart before her daughters drive her away. Nia aligns herself with Aparajita’s daughters, and Mohini exits.

Puppy and the neighbourhood ladies discuss the regular occurrence of dramas in their lives, unsure if the wedding will occur as planned in three days. Akshay apologizes to everyone for the inconvenience caused and compares it to cleaning before Diwali, urging them to attend Disha and Arjun’s wedding to bless the couple. Disha embraces Akshay and expresses her gratitude. Chavi and Asha join the heartfelt embrace.

Akshay calls Nia over and hugs her, expressing his pride in her. Nia apologizes to him for her mistakes and seeks forgiveness from Disha and Arjun. They graciously forgive her, and Dadi declares that everything is settled. However, Mohini returns and says that nothing will be acceptable. In the commotion, Sue accidentally cuts her hand, leading Nia to cry upon seeing her mother’s blood.

Mohini reveals that she had done everything in her power to win her husband and daughter’s affection but was consumed by hatred due to Aparajita’s actions. Akshay and Nia demand that Mohini stop her drama, but she vows to continue until the fire in her heart subsides before finally leaving.

Later, Disha and Arjun seek the blessings of their elders. Disha addresses Ashmith, acknowledging his disapproval but humbly requesting a chance to prove herself as an ideal wife to Arjun, seeking his benefits. Ashmith comments on her statement, stating that she is his son’s source of happiness, which is why he consents to the marriage. He warns Arjun not to tarnish his reputation again and emphasizes the importance of marrying someone of his choice and committing to a fulfilling life together. Arjun agrees, and Ashmith leaves.

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