Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update: Patali creates problems for Dadi

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Ranav searching for Bela and asking a server if he has seen her. The waiter informed Ranav that Bela was upstairs. Ranav hurried upstairs and found Bela lying in bed, weak and feverish. Bela, fearing injections, asked Ranav not to call a doctor and insisted on keeping her Pari identity a secret. Ranav covered Bela with a blanket, but she continued to shiver. Concerned, Ranav opened his shirt and slept beside her, sharing his body warmth. He provided her with additional warmth using his powers, and Bela slept peacefully in his arms.

Meanwhile, Patali, filled with anger, vented her frustration in the woods, where Yamini approached her. Patali expressed her dissatisfaction over failing to destroy Naaglok and her desire to teach the Pari a lesson. Yamini realized that Patali had returned to find and eliminate a special Pari. Patali declared that Pari was the enemy of Rakshasas and she would destroy her regardless of her identity.

Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update
Bekaboo 14th May 2023 Written Update

When Bela woke up, she was startled to find Ranav beside her, shirtless. Ranav deceived her, claiming they had been intimate the previous night and suggesting she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Bela was shocked and started crying. Ranav questioned whether she loved him, only to reveal that nothing had happened between them, and he wouldn’t compromise his status for her. He emphasized that their relationship was fake, just like her love for him. He urged Bela to get up and get ready, but she felt dizzy and struggled to stand.

Patali confided in Yamini that she had returned for Ranav’s sake and to protect her family. Yamini reminded Patali that neither Patali nor their father had ever given anything to the Pari, yet Patali had returned for Ranav. Yamini revealed that Adi had married a Pari, leaving Patali curious about why the Pari was still alive. Yamini admitted to witnessing the Pari perform magic. Patali determined that she would uncover whether Mallika was a genuine Pari.

She pondered over the Kangan and wondered which Pari could have killed Ashwath. Patali believed that only Ranav could provide the answers she sought. She also desired to learn the whereabouts of the asiastra that vanished years ago. Bela and Ranav returned home, where Bela’s worried mother awaited them. Bela assured her mother that she was okay, thanks to Ranav’s care. Ranav even provided money for their servant’s admission. Patali complained to Yamini about all the Rakshasas in the house falling in love and becoming weak like humans.

Patali orchestrated a plan that night to test Mallika’s authenticity as a Pari. She placed a wire on the bedroom floor of Yamini’s mother-in-law, expecting Mallika to come to her aid if she was a genuine Pari. As Dadi was about to enter the room, Adi accidentally touched the wire, resulting in an incredible experience. Patali informed Yamini that her mother-in-law had been spared this time, but she planned to expose Mallika’s true nature. Patali was cooking in the kitchen when Dadi offered to help. Mallika, seated near the dining table, joined Patali in the kitchen to assist. Patali turned on the gas stove, causing a fire in the kitchen.

Yamini collapsed inside the kitchen, and Dadi and Mallika were rescued from the flames. Ranav rushed into the kitchen and swallowed the fire, protecting everyone. Patali observed the scene from her hiding spot. Yamini pretended to be unconscious. Bela, still cold, eventually woke up and inquired about Dadi. Mallika assured Yamini she had tried her best to extinguish the fire but couldn’t succeed. Ranav carried Bela upstairs to their room.

Yamini’s husband confronted her, angrily questioning why she had attempted to harm his mother. Yamini defended herself, claiming it was merely an experiment and not an intentional act to harm her mother-in-law. Patali referred to as Shekhar, intervened and scolded Yamini for defending her.

Patali believed that lovers were foolish and willing to die for love. Shekhar and Yamini left the room. After the break, Ranav took Bela to their room and offered her a glass of water. Bela took a few sips and remarked that she couldn’t drink anymore. Ranav urged her to drink more, assuring her it would make her feel better. Bela sarcastically taunted him.

Ranav acknowledged that things could have been much worse if he hadn’t arrived in time, and she might have even lost her life. He thanked Bela for saving Dadi. Bela reassured him that she would always help Dadi and him, just as she had before. Ranav was intrigued and questioned her statement. Bela playfully remarked that Ranav’s life had become more lively since she entered it. She continued to flirt with him, much to his annoyance. Bela called him a “rotten kaddu” (rotten pumpkin), bringing a smile to his face.

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