Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Disha investigating the medicine Nia used on Arjun online. She shares her findings with Aparajita, explaining that whoever takes medication loses memory and forgets their actions while under its influence. Disha retrieves a wrapper from Aparajita, determined to expose Nia in front of Akshay.

Aparajita voices concerns about the wrapper being insufficient evidence and confesses that she didn’t want Mohini to doubt her. Chavi inquires if Mohini is at the hotel, to which Aparajita confirms that she has been spying on them. The group resolves to make Mohini confess to her wrongdoing.

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Update

Arjun and Nia rehearse their sangeet dance, with the choreographer attempting to teach them new steps. Arjun struggles to learn them, while Nia reminds him of the importance of performing well for their sister’s wedding. Disha, Asha, and Chavi arrive at the rehearsal. Nia mockingly questions Disha’s ability to come up with another plan.

Asha interjects, revealing they had come to discuss their performance at the sangeet with the choreographer. Nia taunts Disha, prompting a scolding from her. Mohini enters and greets Nia, stating her pleasure in seeing them participate in the wedding. Aparajita comments to Mohini, and Nia takes her to a separate room. Aparajita signals for Arjun to follow.

In the room, Nia expresses her fear of Aparajita revealing the truth to Arjun. Mohini asks if Nia deleted photos from Arjun’s phone, to which she confirms. Mohini questions if Nia has left any other evidence. Aparajita confronts Arjun, informing him that Nia had spiked his drink, leading to his memory loss, and requests that he recall what had happened that night. Arjun remembers seeing Disha in a red saree. Nia panics, realizing that the saree she had hidden in Dadi’s room is no longer there. Aparajita assures Arjun that she will prove his innocence. Arjun leaves, remarking that Aparajita reminds him of his mother.

Nia goes to Dadi’s room with a veiled Mohini. Dadi questions Nia about the identity of the veiled woman. Nia lies, stating that she had come to invite Dadi to participate in the sangeet. Initially hesitant, Dadi agrees. Mohini massages Dadi’s feet, and Nia attempts to retrieve the saree. Aparajita intervenes, stating that she has brought the oil. Aparajita notices Mohini has used body spray, and Nia realizes the missing saree.

Aparajita throws the saree at Nia, accusing her of wearing Disha’s saree to trap Arjun. Aparajita demands that the veiled woman reveal her identity, and Dadi uncovers Mohini’s face. Dadi slaps and beats Mohini, and Aparajita urges her to admit wrongdoing. Nia confesses to trapping Arjun, and Aparajita invites him into the room.

Mohini reveals that she had messaged Arjun, lying that his father was unwell and that he had left for Manish’s house. Mohini smugly declares that Aparajita would never be able to prove them wrong in front of Arjun. Aparajita swears on Amma and promises to make Mohini confess her mistake in front of everyone.

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