Meet 10th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Gunwanti approaching the rabbit, causing Sumeet to become increasingly anxious. At that moment, a servant calls out to Gunwanti, and she leaves the scene. Sumeet quickly takes Chiku to her room, where Chiku is frightened and crying. Sumeet inquires about the reason for Chiku’s tears. Meanwhile, the orphanage manager instructs his staff to locate Chiku, providing them with pertinent information. He then learns that Meet and Manmeet have arrived for a visit.

Gunwanti suggests that Kanika stays in the guest house, to which Kanika agrees, intending to use the opportunity to find the guy. At the orphanage, Meet becomes suspicious of the manager’s behaviour. She requests Mohan’s death certificate, explaining that she had previously worked as a police officer. Mohan died after falling from a railing. The manager attempts to make excuses, but Meet insists on seeing his computer.

Meet 10th May 2023 Written Update
Meet 10th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th May 2023 Written Update.

In response, the manager deliberately spills water on the keyboard, ruining it. Undeterred, Meet tells the manager to have the details ready by the following morning before departing. The anxious manager calls Kanika, informing her about Meet’s inquiry into Mohan’s death. Worried that Meet might discover the truth about Chiku, Kanika orders the manager to eliminate anyone who might help him.

Sumeet brings food for Chiku and is startled to find Kanika talking on the phone in her room while Chiku hides under the bed. Elsewhere, Meet and Manmeet distribute toys to the orphanage children. They notice a girl and approach her. The girl begins to cry upon seeing a bloodstain on the wall. Meet comforts her with a toy, and the girl reveals that Mohan was brutally beaten – which shocks both Meet and Manmeet. At that moment, Kanika drops her phone, causing Chiku to panic. Sumeet distracts Kanika with a poem, allowing her to retrieve the phone and hand it back to Kanika.

The girl shared that Mohan was crying because his friend had run away. Meet tries to learn more about Mohan’s friend and his attacker, but the manager interrupts before the girl can reveal any more information. He claims that the girl is still shocked by Mohan’s death and that the bloodstain is just painted. The manager dismisses the girl’s story as a fabrication before leading her away. However, Meet and Manmeet remain suspicious that Mohan’s death was no accident. Meet reflects on her child’s death, feeling guilty for not being able to save him. Manmeet offers consolation.

Manmeet suggests meeting light diyas in their home temple for the orphanage children and her son. Meet complies and also lights a diya for the missing boy. She contacts Chandha to uncover the truth behind Mohan’s death and locate the friend who escaped the orphanage. Kanika approaches Mahendra, offering to do his bidding in exchange for assistance finding the boy who fled the hospital. As they converse, Gunwanti appears and invites Mahendra to join her for lunch. Sumeet contemplates protecting Chiku from Kanika and decides to enlist Meet’s help.

Meet attempts to feed Sumeet, but she initially refuses. Manmeet encourages her to eat, and Sumeet finally relents. Sumeet shares a story about a devil capturing a prince, asking how the prince’s sister could save him from the powerful enemy. Meet responds that courage can provide the strength needed to overcome any obstacle.

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