Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode commences with Mahi confronting Jordan and asking, “Is this some kind of joke?” She accuses him of mocking her. “Don’t you want to bribe Ilahi? Didn’t you give her this?” He waves a cheque in her face for emphasis. Jordan expresses his disappointment, confessing that he once saw her as a role model but now questions her actions. “Why did you demean yourself this way? Why did you assume Ilahi to be so greedy?” He accuses her of being materialistic and chasing him for his wealth.

He expresses his confusion about her actions – on the one hand, she insults Ilahi, and on the other, she invites Jahan to the wedding despite their differences. He questions her motives, and Mahi silently acknowledges Ilahi’s intelligence. Jordan urges her to answer his questions, lamenting her desire to distance him from Ilahi. He is aware that she knows about his feelings for Ilahi. He questions her about his music’s importance to him, even as she strives to separate them.

Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update
Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update

She creates a situation that forces him to stay away from Ilahi. She even tried to bribe Ilahi to keep him away from his music. Ilahi’s desire to distance herself from him after this incident devastates him. He confesses that without Ilahi, he would lose his sanity and perish. In distress, he bangs his head against the wall, but Mahi intervenes. He accuses her of ruining his life and reiterates his need for Ilahi.

Jordan gives her an ultimatum – if she wishes to see him stay, she must meet Ilahi and apologize for her actions. She insulted Ilahi deeply, and the incident shattered her. Jordan pleads with Mahi to apologize if she genuinely loves him for his sake. Following this, Mahi visits Ilahi’s home despite never expecting to find herself in such a place. She is doing this for Jordan. Ginni spots Mahi and greets her, alerting Biji to her presence. Biji warmly welcomes her inside.

Amardeep greets Mahi and inquires about her well-being before calling for Ilahi. Mahi’s driver presents a gift for Ilahi, and Biji congratulates her on Varun’s wedding. Ilahi is taken aback by Mahi’s visit and fears she might reveal the truth to everyone. Amardeep notices the numerous gifts Mahi has brought for Ilahi, and Ginni confides in Biji that something seems suspicious.

Ilahi greets Mahi, and Jordan urges Mahi to return the greeting through a Bluetooth earpiece. Mahi complies reluctantly. Lucky takes a chocolate and exits the scene. Mahi commends Ilahi’s singing, noting that everyone admires her voice. Jordan praises Mahi for her compliment and prompts her to discuss musical competitions. Mahi inquires about Ilahi’s practice venue and asks to see her room, leaving Jordan puzzled about her intentions. Ginni points out that Mahi has gifted Ilahi a silver coin, leading Biji to question the purpose of her visit.

Later, Ilahi clarifies to Mahi that she has no feelings for Jordan. However, Mahi informs her that she needs to discuss something important, so she seeks her out. Jordan tells Mahi to sit down and warns her not to tell Ilahi about his lack of love for her. Mahi confides in both Ilahi and Jordan that she does not love Ilahi and that there was a misunderstanding. Ilahi is relieved to hear this, and Jordan insists that Mahi apologize to Ilahi and depart.

Ilahi tells Mahi about her humble beginnings and journey to this point, highlighting her struggles and determination to win the competition to restore her father’s honor. Upon Jordan’s insistence, Mahi issues a sincere apology to Ilahi. He also urges Mahi to extend an invitation to her for the wedding. Frustrated by his demands, Mahi nonetheless invites Ilahi to the wedding. Ilahi initially declines, expressing her reluctance to cause further drama. However, when Mahi pleads with her to attend for Jordan’s sake, Ilahi finally agrees.

Mahi expresses her gratitude and embraces Ilahi before leaving. Jordan is elated by this development, while Mahi silently vows not to let Ilahi off the hook for what has transpired. In the meantime, Jahan is concerned about Ilahi but is reassured upon seeing her happily playing with Lucky.

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