Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update: A shock for Jeevika

Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Satvik anxiously consulting the doctor about Jeevika’s condition. The doctor assures him there’s no cause for concern. Jeevika has merely fainted due to shock and dehydration but will regain consciousness soon. Meanwhile, Shlok urges a visibly worried Swara to rest, but she admits she hasn’t yet informed their family about Jeevika’s predicament before returning home.

Unaware of Rao’s conversation with Jeevika, Rajnandini eavesdrops on Satvik’s phone conversation and feigns curiosity about Jeevika’s condition. Satvik informs her that Jeevika remains unconscious and reveals that Rao has managed to escape from the hospital, his identity concealed by blurry CCTV footage. This news seems to relieve Rajnandini. Satvik is determined to bring the responsible party to justice, unaware that Rajnandini is subtly manipulating the situation to her advantage.

Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update
Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Update

Arriving home, Swara struggles with whether or not to share Jeevika’s condition with the rest of the family. Grateful for Jeevika’s survival, she wishes Shlok could help her understand the situation. In the meantime, Rajnandini visits Jeevika, resentful of the inconvenience her presence poses. Expressing her dislike for obstacles in her path, she contemplates smothering Jeevika with a pillow, only to be interrupted by Satvik’s timely arrival. Rajnandini quickly pretends to caress Jeevika’s face gently and commends Satvik for rescuing Jeevika from danger. She warns him, however, against showing too much concern for Jeevika, fearing it might lead to misguided decisions.

Rajnandini resents Jeevika’s presence, viewing her as a barrier between herself and the respect she craves within the household. She devises a plan to oust both Jeevika and Satvik from the home. Amidst all this, Satvik finds a moment of solitude with the unconscious Jeevika. Apologetic for his previous behavior, he admits he acted harshly to keep her at a distance. He implores her to wake up, expressing regret for hurting her and promising to make things right.

Amid their conversation, Satvik receives a call from Supriya, who insists on meeting him, prompting him to leave abruptly. When Ruhi questions Rajnandini about Satvik’s sudden departure, Rajnandini responds cryptically, suggesting Ruhi should have better security to monitor the comings and goings. Ruhi, asserting her position as the homeowner, demands to know who kidnapped her and if she has an enemy at large.

Later, Adaya reports to Rajnandini that Jeevika has regained consciousness. Ruhi confronts Jeevika, demanding to know who her kidnapper is. Jeevika, however, claims to remember nothing. She inquires about Satvik’s whereabouts and learns he’s left for work, despite no scheduled office meeting. Intriguingly, Rajnandini inquires if Rao mentioned anything to Jeevika. When Jeevika says Rao implicated a family member in the kidnapping, Rajnandini swiftly dissuades her from disturbing the busy Satvik with this news.

Satvik’s meeting with Supriya turns unexpectedly when she hugs him out of concern. Spotting this from a distance, Rajnandini instructs Shlok to stop the car. As Jeevika and Shlok step out to investigate, they’re stunned to witness Satvik in Supriya’s embrace, leaving Jeevika shocked and heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini silently revels in the unfolding drama, her plan to disrupt the household slowly coming to fruition. Back at the house, Ruhi presses Jeevika for details about her kidnapping. However, Jeevika maintains her amnesia and is unable to provide factual information about her kidnapper.

Satvik, unaware of the shock his meeting with Supriya has caused, tries to comfort her. Supriya expresses her worry about the recent happenings, and Satvik assures her that he’s doing everything possible to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Jeevika stands frozen, the sight of Satvik and Supriya together stirring a whirlwind of emotions within her.

Shlok, noticing Jeevika’s distress, attempts to guide her away from the scene. However, Jeevika remains rooted to the spot, her mind racing with questions and confusion. The episode ends with Jeevika’s shocked face, a perfect cliffhanger that sets the stage for high drama in the coming episodes.

As the episode draws to a close, viewers wonder about the true nature of Satvik and Supriya’s relationship, Rajnandini’s ulterior motives, and how Jeevika will react to the shocking revelation. Will this new development drive a wedge between Jeevika and Satvik? Will Rajnandini’s plans succeed? And what exactly did Rao tell Jeevika? These intriguing questions will keep viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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