Imlie 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Imlie prays to God for her family’s happiness.

Imlie 3rd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, the police tell Imlie she will get an award for bravery. Arto says she is strong and can handle challenging situations on her own. In the end, Rana’s family gets to hold Imlie’s baby. Devika says that the baby should be like Imlie. Kia is happy as she has the baby. She says she will keep bad people away from the baby. Imlie tells Kia that it is her job to do that because she is the baby’s second mom. Everyone laughs when the baby pees on Kia’s saree.

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Anu tries to stop them from getting on the boat. She acts like she’s changed and wants to stay with them. Devika and the Ranas tell Anu that she betrayed them in the past. Anu wants another chance, but they say she has already had a lot of options.

Imlie 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Imlie tells Anu she doesn’t want to give her another chance, and she and her family leave. They move to a new place. Devika is sad that the baby won’t live in the old Rana house, but Imlie says the baby is happy with the family in the new home. Devika has a special ritual to do when the baby is born.

At night, Imlie and Arto talk about how some people don’t care about girls, but Arto is a good father. They joke around and say goodnight. Anu is glad she got her own back but needs a place to live. She learns where the Ranas live and starts making plans.

Ranas talked about giving the baby a unique bracelet during a naming event. When Devika sees Kia coming, she hides it. Kia says that they should now believe her. She wants to give an old chain to the baby. Devika gives her another bracelet for when Kia has a baby. They heard that she was getting help to have a baby, which made Kia sad.

All of a sudden, there’s a quake. Everybody is afraid. Arto thinks Imlie is wrong when she wakes him up. Imlie prays for the safety of her family. The Ranas hear about the earthquake on the news and also pray. Anu hears this and thinks that even God is against the Ranas. Even if they make it through the quake, she plans to hurt them.


In this exciting episode, the police praise Imlie for being brave. Anu tries to get back into the Ranas’ lives, but they don’t let her in because of what she did in the past. This makes family relationships complicated. Imlie and Arto share a heartfelt moment where they talk about how much love and equality there is in their family, which is different from how society usually treats girls. There are also funny parts, like when Kia’s baby pees on her saree, and everyone laughs.

On the other hand, Kia seems to be getting better and wants her family to trust her. When things seem to be improving, an earthquake shakes everyone. On the other hand, Anu sees this as a chance to carry out her plans against the Ranas. The episode mixes family drama, comedy, and suspense, making people want to see what happens next.

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