Pandya Store 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Dhawal Save Natasha, Amresh is happy.

Pandya Store 3rd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal is at the wedding area. Dolly, who is wearing a veil, sits next to him. Dolly starts to dance when a well-known singer starts to sing. Amresh asks her to sing after the wedding when the party is over. When she says yes, the marriage can start. Natasha should get away from Fake Cheeku, Shesh tells her. She begins to run. Chirag calls Amresh to tell him that Dolly has left the house. He tells Bhavan that he is worried.

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No one acts like there’s anything wrong. Natasha makes an effort to get away from Fake Cheeku. Amresh doesn’t say anything when Amba asks him why he looks upset. Dhawal and Dolly both wore flower necklaces. Natasha goes somewhere and calls Dhawal. She tells him that Fake Cheeku took her, but he finds her and ends the call.

Pandya Store 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Natasha is close by, according to Dhawal. Dhawal and Dolly are surprised when they lift their veils and see each other. He wants to know where Natasha is. Dolly wants to know what’s going on with Chirag. Natasha has been taken away, so Dhawal goes to find her. Suman is anxious. Amba laughs at her because she doesn’t know her family is in trouble.

Suman says she has lost a lot but won’t let Fake Cheeku go. She says she will figure out who sent him. Amba is worried that Fake Cheeku may have told Natasha about her plans. Pranali is also concerned that she accidentally told Dolly the truth.

Fake Cheeku grabs Natasha, but Dhawal saves her. When they look into each other’s eyes, Dhawal makes Fake Cheeku run away. Everyone goes back to where the wedding is. Dolly is sad that her special days are getting messed up. Natasha and Dhawal show up, and Dhawal says that the wedding will still happen. Natasha hugs a sad Suman, who then asks where Fake Cheeku is. Natasha said that he left.

When Chirag comes, Dolly is happy. She tells Bhoomi to sing some more. All the people dance. Mittu is sad that Natasha is leaving, but Shesh jokes about it. Mittu says that Shesh loves her as well. Amresh is glad that he will soon be the owner of Pandya Stores.

Precap: Natasha tells Dhawal in the next episode that she is happy to join his family. She can’t wait for her first day with them. Amresh tells her that he will own Pandya Stores as soon as the wedding is over.


In this exciting episode, a wedding turns into a whirlwind of events. Dhawal and Dolly will get married, but everything goes wrong when Fake Cheeku takes Natasha. Amresh gets tense when he hears that Dolly has left the wedding, but he keeps quiet. In the end, Dhawal finds out about Natasha’s kidnapping and rushes to save her, only to be too late. Suman, the oldest family member, says he will find out who is responsible for the kidnapping.

He also hints at deeper family secrets. Dolly is upset that her special days are being ruined, but the episode ends on a happy note with Dhawal and Natasha safely back and everyone dancing at the wedding. Amresh’s plan to take over Pandya Stores is a source of tension because it sets up future fights. Overall, this episode has a lot of suspense, a lot of feeling, and a little bit of romance.

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