Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Savi recalls her moments with Isha.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Savi thinks about her good times with Isha in today’s episode. Isha isn’t awake when Savi walks into her room. The nurse tells Savi to leave Isha alone. Savi wants to know if Isha will be okay. Yes, Isha will be fine, the nurse says, describing Savi to buy medicine. She gives Savi a list of medications. Shukla is told to buy the medicine. Ishaan gives Shukla money and tells him he is going home.

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Ishaan is leaving when Isha is sick, so Savi asks him why. The doctor said that Isha needed to wake up tonight more than ever. Ishaan says it has nothing to do with her. He says he helped Isha because he is the head of Bhosale Institute. Savi asks him why he has such a hard heart. Ishaan says it’s because of Isha. For Isha’s sake, Savi begs Ishaan to stay in the hospital. Ishaan tells him no and walks away.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd September 2023 Written Update

When Ishaan gets into his car, he sees Isha’s stuff. He sends Shukla out to meet him. Shukla shows up. Ishaan sends papers and things that belong to Isha to Savi. Savi wants to know about the past of Ishaan and Isha. Shukla gives Savi things that belonged to Isha and says Ishaan is still worried about her.

Asmita and Shika call Savi to find out how Isha is doing. They ask Savi if he knows who hurt Isha. Savi says she doesn’t know, but she is apprehensive. They tell Isha that she’ll be fine and then hang up.

Ishaan takes a taxi home. He is asked where his car is by Nishikant. Ishaan says he gave it to someone to clean. Nishikant wants to know what Isha has. Ishaan says they were sent to Savi by him. Nishikant is shocked, but he says he is fine by telling a lie.

Vinayak and Mandar talk. Mandar says that he thinks his guy killed Isha. Vinayak tells him to stop, but Mandar tells him to keep going. Surekha cares about Ishaan. Yashwant thinks that if Isha dies, their problems will be over. Nishikant says the issues are even worse now that Savi has Isha’s essential papers. They can’t believe it. When Surekha calls Savi, she finds out that Savi has the papers. Isha is having trouble breathing, so Savi yells for the doctor. Nishikant is told to get the papers from Savi by Yashwant. Nishikant is on board.

Ishaan is sad for himself and Isha. The doctor checks Isha. Savi asks her what’s wrong. The doctor says Isha’s condition is worsening and needs a specialist. Ishaan is torn but decides to get Savi and Shukla some food.

Ishaan reads Isha’s paper about the Bhosale Institute and discovers it is a scam. Savi also reads it and thinks that this is why Isha was hurt. She decides to figure out who did it.

The police tell Ishaan that the report could cause a lot of trouble for his college. They think that this is why Isha might have been shot. The police say that Ishaan has to stay at the station until he can explain what happened in a way that makes sense.


In this dramatic episode, there is a lot of tension because Isha is still in a terrible way in the hospital. Savi is very worried about Ishaan, who left the hospital even though Isha was in the wrong way. Ishaan doesn’t seem to care about anything and goes home, but not before sending Isha’s essential papers to Savi. At the same time, Isha’s friends and family are worried and calling to find out how she is.

Nishikant is shocked that Ishaan gave Isha’s things to someone else, while Vinayak and Mandar discuss a lousy plan to hurt Isha. Savi learns Isha’s health is worsening, making the situation tense.

In the end, a sneak peek shows Ishaan and Savi find out information that could be bad for Bhosale Institute. This sets up the next episode.

The episode’s emotional conflicts, medical drama, and secrets keep viewers on the edge.

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