Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra learns Arto is alive

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Rudra inquiring about Kairi’s whereabouts from Imlie. Imlie informs him that she resides in Goa. Curious, Rudra asks if she has met Kairi’s family yet. Imlie confesses that she hasn’t but suggests that she can meet them on the upcoming family day. Realizing that Imlie hasn’t met Chini, Rudra decides they should avoid a confrontation between them.

He meets Chini, who is taken aback when she sees him outside her house. Rudra questions her well-being and inquires about Kairi. Chini lies, claiming that Kairi is her daughter. Hearing Arto’s voice, Rudra investigates and is overjoyed to find Arto alive. Arto expresses his excitement about reuniting with his daughter.

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update
Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update

Arto reflects on his past, vowing not to repeat his father’s mistake of betraying and replacing him with Dhairya. Although he has lost everything, his world now revolves around Chini and Kairi. Rudra is initially pleased to learn that Kairi is Arto’s daughter, but his joy is short-lived as he ponders how Arto could stay away from his family for so long, knowing that Imlie still loves him. Determined to shield Imlie from heartbreak, Rudra resolves to protect her since Arto is content with Chini.

Meanwhile, Imlie goes shopping with her family and shares an emotional conversation with Shivani. Kia mocks them, but Imlie chooses a dress for Kairi. Devika, missing Arto, senses his presence. Arto and Chini coincidentally visit the same mall to purchase clothes. Arto regrets his inability to afford expensive garments for his daughter, but Chini assures him that she has saved money and they don’t need to worry. Chini selects a shirt for Arto, as he hasn’t bought a new one in a while, highlighting his constant effort to bring happiness to Kairi.

Chini notices Rana’s presence in the shop and hastily leads Arto away, contemplating how to prevent them from seeing him. She doesn’t want to hurt Arto by denying him his camping trip. Meanwhile, Rudra gazes at Kairi, still unable to believe that his son is alive and she is his daughter. Overwhelmed with emotion, he is approached by Kairi, prompting him to inquire about her other family members. When Kairi fails to mention Chini, Rudra becomes suspicious. Imlie writes heartfelt notes for the children, expressing her anticipation to miss them dearly.

Kairi and Dhairya notice her sadness, and Kairi suggests that Dhairya make her laugh by pulling funny faces. Dhairya approaches Imlie, and she invites him to sit. Considering they are friends, he wonders why she hasn’t confided in him about her pain. Imlie explains that she is merely sad about the children leaving. Dhairya adds a “see you soon” note, advising her not to bid farewell to those she loves. Imlie smiles at his gesture.

Chini hands Arto a joker costume and convinces him to wear it for the family day at the camp, emphasizing that she will do anything for Kairi. Chini plans to take Kairi and Arto away from the center before Rana’s family sees them. In a heartfelt moment, Imlie confides in Dhairya about how she will miss Kairi the most and worries about dealing with her loneliness afterward. Dhairya reassures her that he will be there for her. Rudra realizes that he has become more than just a friend to Imlie, as she remains unaware that Arto has moved on with Chini. Rudra fears that Imlie will be devastated when she eventually discovers the truth.

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