Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode starts with pandemonium in Pandya as Shweta reveals that Krish has eloped with Prerna. She rushes to the police station while Dhara and Krish arrive there. Shweta embraces Dhara, and Shivang decides to put on an act. As Dhara returns home, she is informed about Shiva’s marriage proposal, leaving her dumbfounded. Raavi implores Dhara to salvage the relationship, warning that she will die otherwise. Raavi’s words and Gautam’s previous remarks go her even more bewildered and conflicted. She daydreams about a romantic moment between Aru and herself.

Arushi visits the marriage office to gather information about the groom she will marry. Upon seeing Shiva’s photo, she agrees to meet him right away. An office staff calls Shiva and urges him to come immediately as Arushi waits for him at a coffee shop. Arushi feels excitement within her, and Shiva, without informing anyone, decides to meet her first. He experiences butterflies in his stomach.

Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update
Pandya Store 16th May 2023 Written Update

Dhara becomes increasingly perplexed by this sudden turn of events. She is blamed for the situation when confronted and asked to explain Shiva’s actions. Dhara embraces Raavi, attempting to console her as she tears. Suman feels disheartened witnessing Raavi’s state. Dhara rushes towards the road and encounters Shiva. As soon as Shiva spots Dhara, he quickly escapes on an auto-rickshaw.

Dhara follows suit, boarding another auto. Shiva arrives at a location, and upon seeing him, Arushi’s mother mistakes him for Dhara’s brother-in-law. Arushi’s mother firmly opposes their marriage, but Arushi is determined to marry Shiva. Raavi confides in Shivang, expressing her anguish, and he warns her about Dhara’s favoritism, attempting to manipulate her with influential words.

Raavi continues to weep, reminiscing about the sweet moments she shared with Shiva. Shivang brings water for Shiva and promises to prevent the marriage from happening. He assures Raavi that he will handle the situation and comforts her. Dhara notices Shiva and Arushi heading toward a coffee shop. Arushi’s mother worries about being recognized.

Shiva suggests they find a suitable place to sit and asks Arushi to order quickly, as he is famished. He insists on paying, and their conversation reveals his naivety. While Shiva is in a hurry to get married, Arushi wants more time. After Shiva leaves, Arushi finalizes their connection.

Dhara enters Shweta’s room and reprimands her for acting hastily, reminding her that she is pregnant. Shweta taunts Dhara, stating that she doesn’t need advice from someone who has never conceived. Raavi intervenes, urging Dhara to be polite, but Dhara no longer has patience for Shweta’s hypocrisy. Meanwhile, Shiva insists on expediting the process, but Arushi wants to meet his family members. He finds himself in a state of confusion. After Dhara leaves, Shweta fears that Raavi may have poisoned the food. However, Raavi proves her innocence by consuming the food herself.

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