Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update: Anu advises Chini

Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Arto bidding farewell to Chini while Imlie remains oblivious to his presence. Arto notices Chini’s stressed expression and inquires about the reason. Chini expresses her disappointment with the camp, claiming they do not adequately care for the children, citing an incident where Kairi fell into a ditch.

Arto explains that children getting injured is typical and cannot be confined indoors. Chini reveals her concern that Kairi has never shown reluctance to return home before and fears that she is growing apart from them. Arto reassures her, urging her not to worry.

Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update
Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, Kairi informs Imlie that she met her father and assured him of her well-being, but unfortunately, he left without completing Imlie. Disappointed, Imlie welcomes Rana’s family to the camp and asks them about their journey. Kia mentions it was tiring, while Akash playfully remarks that she slept through most of it.

Kairi approaches them and affectionately addresses Rudra as her grandfather. She engages in conversation with everyone, establishing an instant connection. Kairi reveals that Imlie has told her about each family member, bringing joy to Devika. Curious, Kairi asks Dhairya if his photo is included in Imlie’s locket. Imlie quickly intervenes, whisking Kairi away, promising to discuss it later. Chini expresses disbelief over Imlie’s current relationship with Kairi.

Anu calls Chini, confirming her fears and highlighting that Imlie has finally reunited with her daughter. Anu suggests that Chini should bring Kairi back by issuing threats. However, Chini asserts that such tactics are no longer her style, indicating personal growth. Anu warns Chini that she may lose her family soon. Chini abruptly ends the call, contemplating how she can separate Imlie and Kairi at any cost.

Dhairya gazes at Imlie with delight, and the melodious song “O Meherbaan” plays in the background. Imlie and Kairi play together, and when Kairi almost falls, Dhairya comes to her rescue. Grateful, she thanks him. Observing Dhairya’s feelings for Imlie, Kairi offers him advice on how to propose to her. She playfully suggests playing hide-and-seek, and Dhairya teases her in return.

Later, Kairi presents that Dhairya could impress Imlie by singing a song, mentioning that her father is a great singer. Kairi plays one of Arto’s songs on a tablet, but Dhairya admits he is not as good a singer as her father. Overhearing the song, Imlie becomes nostalgic, sensing Arto’s voice. She investigates further, questioning Dhairya about who taught him the music. Dhairya responds that he heard it from someone’s phone, and Devika also expresses curiosity. Rudra quickly intervenes, taking Devika away.

Kairi notices that the tablet’s battery is running low and stops the music before leaving. Shortly after, Chini calls Kairi to inquire about her well-being. Kairi assures her that she is fine, and Chini claims to have left her purse behind, using it as an excuse to visit Kairi. Rudra spots Chini’s photo in the bag and is shocked. Later, Chini asks Kairi why she is reluctant to return from the camp. Kairi confesses that she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

As Kairi searches for Rudra, she encounters Chini, and Chini is taken aback by seeing Rudra. Sensing her surprise, Kairi introduces Rudra as her friend, leaving Chini bewildered. Meanwhile, Imlie converses with Rudra, expressing how easily Kairi makes friends and how fortunate her parents are to have such a fantastic child. Rudra consoles Imlie, assuring her that everything will be fine. Imlie finds solace in the presence of her loving family.

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