Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update: Raghav is shocked

Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Abhishek and Amit restraining Bhanu, displaying erratic behavior. A Tantric arrives on the scene and throws a handful of white powder at Bhanu to calm him down. The Tantric inquires about Bhanu’s identity and purpose for being there. Bhanu claims to be the harbinger of destruction for the house and accuses Bhawana of violating both household rules and the laws of nature.

He asserts that he has come to bring ruin upon the house. The Tantric advises Bhawana to embrace a widow’s life, shocking her. Malini threatens to leave the house with her husband and son unless Bhawana complies. Amit also expresses his desire to abandon the family alongside Malini. However, Jagjeevan firmly declares that he will not allow them to leave as long as he is present.

Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update
Dheere Dheere Se 15th May 2023 Written Update

The Tantric frightens Jagjeevan by revealing that Bhanu is possessed by an evil spirit that will spare none of them. Bhawana stops Malini, refusing to let her family fall apart. She seeks guidance from the Tantric on when to wear white attire. The Tantric advises Bhawana to do so after two days, during the puja commemorating Deepak’s death anniversary.

Bhawana engages in a conversation with Deepak’s picture, contemplating whether he wishes for her to embrace a widow’s life to find happiness. Bhawana resolves to do it for the sake of Deepak’s family. Amit and Malini discuss Bhawana’s decision to embrace widowhood after two days, making arrangements for the occasion and planning to cut Bhawana’s hair. At that moment, Anchal returns home with Aarushi and overhears Amit and Malini’s conversation. She questions why they constantly trouble Bhawana. Malini claims that Bhawana consented to it, but Anchal refuses to believe her.

Meanwhile, Bhawana hopes that Anchal remains unaware of the impending events. However, Anchal confronts Bhawana and asks if she genuinely accepted a widow’s life, leaving her in shock—Anchal questions Bhawana’s agreement, considering the plans they had devised with Raghav’s assistance. Disappointed, Anchal sees Bhawana reverting to her previous self. Bhawana confides in Anchal about what transpired in the house, but Anchal dismisses the Tantric’s words, asserting that their father was just as good as Raghav. She accuses them of deceiving her by using their father’s memory. Bhawana pleads with Anchal, folding her hands, and requests to be left alone.

Anchal assures Bhawana that they will find a solution, but Bhawana remains steadfast in her decision. An angry Anchal walks away. Vidya advises Bhawana that it won’t be easy for Anchal to accept the situation. Meanwhile, Raghav notices Anchal storming away and intercepts her, inquiring about the matter. Anchal reveals that their efforts have been in vain as their mother decided to surrender. Raghav is bewildered by this revelation. In another scene, Bhawana tells Vidya that if her sacrifice can rectify the turmoil in the house, she is willing to make it. She marks the date on the calendar, hoping that Deepak’s soul will find peace afterwards. Vidya prays for a solution to emerge within the next two days.

Raghav is shocked to learn from Anchal that Bhawana accepted Tantric’s bizarre condition. He desires to speak with Bhawana, but Anchal believes changing their mother’s decision will be difficult. She suggests convincing Bhawana that their father wouldn’t want this outcome. On the other hand, Dimple and Abhishek discuss Bhawana’s decision, with Dimple urging Abhishek to convince Bhawana not to go through with it. Abhishek expresses his disdain for societal norms that oppress women and vows never to subject his wife to such restrictions. Dimple is relieved to hear Abhishek’s stance but worries about Bhawana’s well-being, hoping for a miracle to prevent her from taking such a drastic step.

As the deadline approaches and only 24 hours remain, Bhawana grows increasingly anxious. She contemplates reaching out to Raghav one last time to pour her heart out to him. However, she ultimately changes her mind, realizing that this battle is hers and must confront it alone. Meanwhile, Raghav ponders over Bhawana’s refusal to accept his help. He understands that he cannot intervene until Bhawana asks for his assistance. He fervently prays to God, seeking guidance to help Bhawana make the right decision or to show him the correct path to support her.

With the characters caught in a web of conflicting emotions and decisions, the tension builds as the fateful day approaches. The episode leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the resolution of this challenging situation and hoping for a positive outcome that will bring solace to the troubled household.

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