Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Nisha confiding in her friend about her feelings for Manav but admitting her lack of confidence in confessing to him. Worried about how Manav and Chandni would react, Nisha ultimately decides to take the leap and express her feelings, hoping to discover Manav’s response. She writes a heartfelt letter to him and prepares a gift, envisioning a future where they can create lasting memories together.

H haunted by Vimla’s words about her life being in danger due to an unknown threat, Chandni finds solace in Raunaq’s attempt to uplift her spirits. He offers her a refreshing glass of juice, and Chandni wonders why he is suddenly being so kind. Raunaq explains that he follows Chitra’s advice to become a better person.

Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update
Chashni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Although he encourages Chandni to confide in him if she has any problems, she hesitates, fearing that he won’t believe her. Chandni’s continuous eye rubbing prompts Raunaq to offer her eye drops, but she refuses, citing the burning sensation. Concerned, Raunaq gently carries her to bed, administering the drops himself. As they share a smile, a moment of connection passes between them.

Manav arrives and confronts Nisha about the letters she sent him, expressing his frustration and reminding her that he has a young daughter. He harshly scolds her, warning her to stay away. Nisha silently weeps, devastated by his response. Meanwhile, Chandni is shocked to discover seven missed calls from Vandana. Assuring Vandana that everything is fine, Chandni tries to hide her worries.

In Sanjot’s room, Vimla is cleaning when Sanjot confronts her about the secrets she’s been keeping. The letters hidden in Vimla’s saree fall to the ground, catching Sanjot’s attention. Enraged, Sanjot slaps Vimla and demands to know why she is assisting Roshni and Chandni. Sanjot warns Vimla not to go against her, revealing her past manipulations that broke Sumer’s first engagement and caused Chitra to leave his life.

She vows to eliminate anyone who threatens her success. Sanjot angrily discards the letters, expressing her anger at the recognition Sumer receives while she remains overlooked. Confessing her misdeeds, Sanjot directs her fury at Roshni for bringing Raunaq and Chandni back into their lives. Vimla assures Sanjot that she hasn’t revealed anything to anyone.

Sanjot questions if she disclosed the truth to Chandni, leading to Chandni’s lie about Roshni’s return to trap the person planning to harm Roshni. Sanjot urges Vimla to eliminate Chandni to ensure her family’s safety and gain Sanjot’s trust. Sanjot declares that removing Roshni from her path will be accessible once Chandni is gone. The episode concludes with Sanjot determined to orchestrate Chandni’s attack that night, using Vimla as her instrument.

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