Radha Mohan 3rd September 2023 Written Update: Radha asks God to protect her family.

Radha Mohan 3rd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Damini thinks that Radha must be getting help from Tulsi. She doesn’t know what to do. She asks for help by calling Jwala Devi. Jwala Devi says she’ll take care of everything. Damini tells her she failed because she couldn’t keep Radha in jail. She tells Jwala Devi to do what she says, then puts the phone down. She describes that her new plan is perfect and that not even Tulsi can help Radha now.

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Mohit tells Kaveri that he should be happy that Radha will die soon. Mohit says that he will need a lot of money when that happens. Mohan knows he has to leave fast. He lets Kaveri see that he has to go to the bathroom. He doesn’t convince Kaveri. Mohan tells her that he will make Damini hate her. Kaveri says that Damini is acting crazy already. She tells her helper to take Mohan’s ropes off.

Radha Mohan 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Once Mohan’s hands are free, he takes Kaveri hostage. He tells the other people to stay still. Kaveri says she is not guilty and wants to be set free. Mohan disagrees with her. He tells the people helping him to put their guns and phones on the table. Along with Kaveri, he ties them up. Mohit doesn’t know where Jwala Devi is, so he asks Mohit.

Kaveri is asked by Mohan where he can find Jwala Devi. She is not going to tell him. Kaveri says that she will kill her if Damini can’t kill Radha. Mohan decides to tickle her to find out what she wants to say to him. It does work, and Kaveri tells him where to go. Before he leaves, he takes Mohit’s car keys and the guns from the table.

Radha prays for the safety of her family. Damini is sure that this time, Radha will die. Gungun tells Radha to get home quickly.

Mohan calls Shekhar to tell him what’s going on. Shekhar says there is no official arrest record, and Jwala Devi wants to shoot Radha. They can’t do anything in the right way. Mohan says that he will make Damini’s plan fail. He thinks that if someone sees Radha give herself up, Jwala Devi won’t be able to shoot her.


In this episode, everyone is trying to outsmart each other, which makes things very tense. Damini plans to hurt Radha, and she thinks her new plan can’t fail. She asks Jwala Devi for help but doesn’t fully believe she can do the job. In the meantime, Kaveri and Mohit are eager to hear that Radha has died.

Mohan is in a tough spot but can get away by holding Kaveri as a hostage. He tricks Kaveri into telling him essential information about where Jwala Devi is. Radha doesn’t know about these changes, so she prays for her family’s safety. Damini, on the other hand, is sure that her plan to kill Radha will work this time.

Mohan tells Shekhar what’s happening and that the law can’t save Radha. Mohan promises to stop Damini’s plan because he thinks that if Jwala Devi sees Radha give up, she won’t shoot her.

As the characters try to escape dangerous situations, the episode is full of tension, plot twists, and a sense of urgency.

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