Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Vinu asking Virat to take him to Satya’s house because he wants to give a traditional Indian outfit to his mother. Virat suggests that Vinu can provide the company for Sai on another day. Vinu insists he wants to give it to his mother today and feels upset. Ninad advises Virat to take Vinu to Sai, but Virat remains silent.

Amba calls Satya, who arrives with flowers, and asks why she couldn’t wait for just 2 minutes. Amba explains that it’s the first time they celebrate the Vath Savitri puja at their home, so many women attend the event. She asks if Satya bought fruits and coconut water. Satya realizes he forgot and promises to get them before the puja starts. Amba instructs Satya to leave after giving the Shringar Thaal (decorative plate) to Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Update
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th May 2023 Written Update

Satya takes the Shringar Thaal to his room and retrieves a saree from the cupboard he bought for Sai. Sai leaves the bathroom, drying her hair, and greets Satya. She asks about the Shringar Thaal. Satya explains that his mother sent it and tells Sai to prepare for the puja. He presents her with the saree as a gift, and Sai questions why he is giving her a gift, reminding him that their marriage is only on paper. Satya explains that he is gifting it as a friend and asks her to wear it for the puja. Sai agrees reluctantly.

Virat brings Vinu to Satya’s house, and Vinu asks him to come inside with him. Virat claims he needs to make an urgent call and sends Vinu ahead. Vinu enters the house and asks Maddy about his mother’s whereabouts. Maddy recognizes him as Vinu and leads him to Sai’s room. Sai, wearing the saree gifted by Satya, is ready for the puja. She feels delighted upon seeing Vinu. Vinu explains that he came to give her a saree and hands it to her, requesting that she wear it for the puja since it is his first gift. Sai is conflicted but agrees to Vinu’s request.

She asks where he bought the beautiful saree, and Vinu mentions ordering it online. Sai questions how he managed to come here, and Vinu replies that he came with his dad, who is waiting outside. Maddy brings snacks for Vinu and encourages him to enjoy them. Sai offers to feed Vinu, and they share a brief moment. Virat calls Vinu, asking him to return because he must go to work. Vinu informs Sai that he must leave.

Sai goes out to bid farewell to Vinu. Virat taunts Sai, asking if she is dressed to impress Satya or God. Sai acknowledges his hurt, and Virat insists she shouldn’t worry about him since he can care for himself. He leaves. Satya’s family members are pleased to see Sai wearing the saree gifted by Satya and comment that Satya will be thrilled to see Sai in it. Amba questions what’s so special about that saree. Maddy and Gauri reveal to her that Satya gifted it to Sai.

Sai realizes she cannot break Vinu’s heart and wears the saree he gifted. She takes a selfie in Satya’s saree, and Prabha and others arrive at Amba’s house for the puja. Satya anxiously waits for Sai. Satya’s family members notice his state and tease him. Sai emerges wearing the saree gifted by Vinu. Savi compliments Sai’s appearance. Satya and his family feel disappointed to see Sai in a different saree.

Savi video calls Vinu to inform him that Sai wore the saree he gifted. Vinu sees Sai and says it looks nice. Karishma remarks that Sai is married yet still receives the saree that Ashwini bought for her daughter-in-law. Savi ends the call and continues talking to Vinu. Amba scolds Sai for hurting Satya and questions why she wore the saree gifted by her first husband. Sai clarifies that Vinu gave it, but Amba insists that she’s not a fool and asserts that it’s actually from Sai’s first husband.

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