Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Satvik putting the pen drive back in its place. He hears footsteps and assumes it’s Jeevika, so he asks her to choose the right tie for him. To his surprise, it’s Supriya who appears. She claims to know his preferences and offers to select them for him.

However, Satvik tells her he’s running late and decides to choose it himself. He takes a sip of tea, and Supriya asks him how it tastes, wondering if it matches the characteristic flavor. Satvik questions if she made the tea and pretends it tastes good, even though he misses Jeevika’s tea. He hurries out, leaving Supriya believing he’s in love with her, as she sees that affection in his eyes.

Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Update
Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Update

Rajnandini receives a call from a thug and eagerly asks for good news. The thug informs her that he couldn’t find evidence from Rao and transferred everything to a pen drive. Rajnandini urges him to locate the proof as soon as possible, realizing she underestimated him. She acknowledges that she taught him to betray, but he turned it against her. Nevertheless, she believes she can still triumph over him no matter what.

Meanwhile, Jeevika is working in the kitchen while Supriya tries to engage her in conversation. Shlok asks Jeevika for help, and at the same time, Adaya asks her to assist in choosing a dress. Ruhi requests Jeevika to bring her tea. Jeevika advises Adaya and Shlok to stop quarreling like children, but Adaya refuses to argue with a kid. Satvik intervenes, asking them to stop bothering Jeevika. He mocks Jeevika and takes her aside to talk privately.

Supriya feels jealous witnessing their interaction. Shlok notices this and tells Adaya that nothing significant happens in the house without Jeevika’s knowledge. Satvik needs Jeevika more than anyone else. They praise Jeevika for irritating Supriya. Meanwhile, Jeevika notices an extra cup of tea and assumes no one will drink it, so she decides to have it. Satvik arrives and takes the cup, prompting her to explain that she made it for herself. Satvik replies that her name isn’t written on it and suggests sharing it.

Satvik believes he is drinking the tea but doesn’t enjoy Supriya’s tea. He teases her about trying to steal his biscuit, and she jokingly accuses him of trying to steal her ice cream. The glass falls and breaks, leading Jeevika to start cleaning the mess. Satvik tells her to call the servant for clean up, but she takes care of it herself. He advises her to be more careful, but Supriya hurts her leg.

Supriya winces in pain, and Satvik scolds Jeevika for being careless, instructing her not to handle the shattered glass. Jeevika apologizes, and Rajnandini asks Satvik to assist her instead of scolding Jeevika, as she is in pain. Satvik carries Rajnandini to her room, which upsets Jeevika. Shlok notices the glass shards, and Supriya asks Satvik to dress her wound. Satvik refuses, requesting Adaya’s help instead. This sight hurts Supriya.

Jeevika tells Shlok that perhaps she didn’t clean the shards properly, but he points out that it’s a different piece, suggesting that Supriya might have done it intentionally. Jeevika denies such behaviour, believing it’s because Supriya doesn’t like her. Later, Satvik applies ointment to Jeevika’s hand and apologizes for scolding her. Jeevika explains that it’s difficult to witness loved ones in pain, which explains his reaction when Supriya got hurt.

Satvik is reviewing some files when Rajnandini suggests giving Supriya another chance, but he declines. Supriya calls him to go out with her, but he lies about having a meeting and ends the call. Rajnandini advises him not to ignore the second chance life offers and to use it. Meanwhile, Jeevika inquires about Supriya’s destination, to which Supriya reveals that Satvik is taking her out on a date.

She believes they are finally reconciling, which profoundly saddens Jeevika. Shlok plans to ruin their date, while Rajnandini demands that the thugs find the evidence quickly. Later, Satvik and Supriya arrive at the restaurant, but Satvik seems distracted and inattentive to Supriya’s words. She questions whether he truly loves her or not.

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