Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Bindiya sneaking out of a bus and climbing onto its roof. The bus starts to move, and Bheem sees Bindiya fleeing on it. Fulmati manages to get Dadi’s thumbprint on a piece of paper. Dadi pleads for them to leave her property alone, but Fulmati ignores her. On the bus, Bindiya worries about Dadi and Payal. She loses hold of her cotton candy, which flies away.

Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update
Suhaagan 17th May 2023 Written Update

Fulmati tells Bheem she was successful in getting the thumbprint. Bheem updates her that Bindiya has run away. Fulmati says it would be better if both sisters were gone. She tells Dadi this news happily. Dadi scolds Fulmati for her actions. Fulmati mocks Dadi, who feels sorry for Bindiya. Dadi blames herself for having a daughter like Fulmati. Bindiya gets off the bus in a town called Chiraiya.

As Bindiya starts to walk, Bheem and two others approach her on the motorcycle. Bindiya runs away, causing Bheem and the others to fall. Bindiya runs faster and hands over property papers to a man, who gives her a suitcase in return. Fulmati hugs the bag with joy.

When Madan and Rekha arrive home, they find their front door open. They enter and find three strangers inside. Payal recognizes one of them as Bansi and begins to chat about their day. Rekha sends Payal away. Bansi taunts Rekha and hits Madan. He warns Madan to pay him back, or Rekha will be kidnapped. Madan tries to explain his plan, but Bansi refuses to listen.

Rekha tells Madan to stop spending money on Payal. When Bindiya comes home, she finds Sarpanchji with her property papers. She grabs and eats them. Sarpanchji enters the house, demanding his money back. Dadi tells him about Fulmati’s trick with her thumbprint. Fulmati refuses to give the money back.

Sarpanchji chases Fulmati and tries to grab the suitcase. Madan calls Fulmati, but Sarpanchji takes the briefcase and leaves. Bheem chases after Sarpanchji. Fulmati gets mad and tries to slap Bindiya, but Bindiya stops her. She remembers how Fulmati has mistreated them in the past.

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