Ajooni 15th May 2023 Written Update: Subhash apologises to Ajooni and Rajveer

Ajooni 15th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Akshay seeking the blessings of the Vohras. Dadi lovingly applies a Kumkum tika on Akshay’s face. However, he coughs and mentions his allergy to powdered substances. Dimpy remarks on it, eliciting a response from Neelu. She calls Ajooni and asks if she remembers Akshay. Ajooni confirms and learns that Meher is getting married to Akshay. Ajooni expresses happiness and inquires about Subhash’s well-being. Neelu assures her that Subhash is fine and content.

Neelu urges Ajooni to speak with him, and Subhash takes the phone, apologizing to Ajooni and Rajveer for his past behavior. They reassure him that everything is forgiven. Subhash invites them, urging them to come over immediately as much work is needed. Rajveer accepts the invitation and ends the call.

Ajooni 15th May 2023 Written Update
Ajooni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Ajooni embraces Rajveer happily, but she notices his sadness and questions if he dislikes her praising Akshay. Rajveer admits his desire to be educated like her. Ajooni reassures him, emphasizing that anyone can learn how to love him. They share a romantic moment, and Ajooni suggests they should visit her house soon to assist with the preparations.

Harvinder urges Bebe to call Rajveer and inquire about his well-being. Bebe dismisses the need, stating that Rajveer has changed. Harman disagrees, asserting that Rajveer remains the same. Harvinder suggests knowing if Rajveer has been discharged from the hospital would be good. Suddenly, Rajveer arrives with Ajooni and Subhash, announcing his discharge.

Ajooni seeks the elders’ blessings, and Rajveer thanks Harvinder for saving him. Ravinder blesses them joyfully. Rajveer reveals that their father is present to share some good news. Subhash announces that his daughter’s wedding has been finalized. Ravinder expresses happiness, while Bebe and Shanky appear upset.

Subhash urges Bebe to have some sweets, but she declines. Ravinder takes a sweet and feeds, Subhash, assuring him that he will support them in every way because they are family. Subhash requests Ravinder to keep Shanky away from their house. Rajveer intervenes, stating that he can handle Shanky but doesn’t want to shed anyone’s blood during the wedding.

He warns Ravinder that it’s his final warning. Ravinder assures Subhash not to worry, as he will personally protect their house. He adds that Shanky will care for him if he crosses the line. Subhash, Rajveer, and Ajooni leave. Bebe questions Ravinder’s promise to Subhash in that manner. Ravinder asserts his seriousness, stating that he would kill Shanky if he tried to disrupt Meher’s wedding. Shanky signals Harvinder, who watches on.

Meher and Akshay offer prayers at the temple. The Pandit blesses them, and Meher expresses gratitude to Akshay. He reassures her, asking her to forget everything and shares that she has been his childhood crush. Suddenly, Shanky appears and twists Akshay’s hand. Rajveer intervenes, turning Shanky’s hand and forcing him to release Akshay. Shanky retreats. Ajooni introduces Rajveer to Akshay.

Feeling tense, Meher suggests they return home. Rajveer comforts her and agrees, stating it’s better to leave, as it would upset their father if he found out. They depart. Rajveer calls Ravinder and taunts him, suggesting he should focus on guarding his house first as Shanky attempts to create trouble for Meher again. Rajveer firmly declares that he won’t hesitate to take action if Shanky repeats his behavior. Ravinder looks on, silently absorbing Rajveer’s words.

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