Anupama 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Anupama tries to convince Leela.

Anupama 2nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama says you can’t see well in hot water. First, you have to wait for the water to cool down. She tells Leela to think before she decides something quickly. Leela asks Anupama about herself and her life. She asks Anupama if she still stays with Vanraj after he hurt her. She also asks if Kinjal has forgiven Paritosh. Leela tells Kavya that she can’t live with her and calls her unlucky. Leela doesn’t want to take Kavya’s baby. Anupama tells her that the baby needs her to think again.

Pakhi calls Adhik on video to tell him that Anupama is stuck at the Shahs’ house and has to take care of things independently. Adhik tells her to chill out. Anuj hears what they say and thinks Adhik is trying to control Pakhi’s feelings.

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Anupama 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Kavya is asked if she has something to say by Anupama. Kavya feels bad about what she did and asks the Shah family to punish her. Kinjal asks Kavya why she told him the truth. Kavya says she loves the Shah family and tells Vanraj she loves him. Hasmuk says, “Is this what love is?”

Adhik tells Pakhi to take a deep breath. He will party with Barkha to celebrate getting Romil out of the house. But Romil shows up, which makes Adhik angry. Romil tells Adhik to avoid his things and not touch his iPad. Barkha is worried that Romil may have overheard them. Adhik tells Barkha that he has a plan for Romil that will work.

Leela is asked to give Kavya a chance. Leela thinks Kavya is brilliant because she asks for forgiveness when she wants to be punished. She tells Vanraj that he should leave with Kavya if he agrees. Leela doesn’t want Kavya to stay at their house. Anupama wants Kavya to go to her house with her. She says that both Paritosh and Vanraj were to blame, but Kavya said she was wrong. She thinks Kavya should be let off the hook. Vanraj stops Anupama and decides to take the baby that Kavya is carrying.

Precap: Anupama tells Adhik not to be too clever. Pakhi tells Anupama to stay out of her married life, or she will do something bad.


The episode is full of emotional highs and lows and shows how complicated family life, relationships, and moral decisions can be. Anupama is the voice of reason. She tells people like Leela to stop and think before doing something hasty. The saying shows you can’t “see clearly in hot water.”

Leela’s doubts about Kavya and her baby make the episode more exciting. Leela wants Kavya to leave, which is very different from Kavya’s plea for a second chance. This raises questions about forgiveness and how far people should go to keep their families together. The family seems to have reached a turning point when Vanraj decides to take Kavya’s baby.

The side story about Pakhi and Adhik gives the episode another layer. Anuj’s worry that Adhik might be able to control Pakhi’s feelings could signify future problems. Adhik’s plan for Romil also seems to hint at a more strategic part of how the story is going, which makes us curious about what will happen next.

Overall, the episode does an excellent job of mixing drama, emotion, and moral questions, which makes it attractive to watch. It doesn’t answer a lot of questions or solve a lot of problems. This makes sure that people will want to watch the next episode.

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