Radha Mohan 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Radha says Tulsi She Saves Her Family.

Radha Mohan 2nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Jwala Devi tells Radha that if she makes a mistake, it could hurt her family, the Trivedis. Radha tells Jwala Devi to stop bothering her and her family. Jwala Devi laughs and asks Radha which one of Rahul, Ketki, or Gungun she should go after first. Radha begs her not to hurt anyone and says she will go to the police if she does. When Jwala Devi hears this, she tells her group not to hurt the Trivedis yet. She then puts the phone down.

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Radha is worried and sad. Tulsi encourages her to keep going. Radha thinks she needs to get home quickly because she doesn’t trust Jwala Devi.

Radha Mohan 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Then, Jwala Devi tells her group to hurt the Trivedis until Radha shows up. Gungun tells Jwala Devi that she promised not to hurt them. Gungun gets hit by Jwala Devi, which surprises everyone. The police pull Kadambari away from Gungun when she tries to help him.

Jwala Devi calls Damini to tell her that Radha will turn himself into the police. Damini is happy and says that she wants to shoot Radha herself. She tells her that Jwala Devi will take care of everything.

Damini thinks about how much she hates Radha and says her life goal is to hurt her. Radha hurt Damini’s relationship with Mohan, so Damini says she will do anything to hurt Radha.

Mohan, meanwhile, is thinking about what Radha gave up to save her family. He doesn’t like what Damini did and wants to protect his family. Damini tells Kaveri that today is the best day of her life because she will kill Radha. She tells Kaveri to keep Mohan busy and then leaves. Mohan has to think about what he can do to save Radha.

Radha can’t stop thinking about her family and the man she loves, Mohan. Tulsi tells her that Jwala Devi is planning something big, so even if she turns herself in, the problem won’t be solved. Radha says that the safety of her family is her top priority. Tulsi tells her that soon, everyone will know her secret.


In this intense episode, Jwala Devi threatens Radha’s family, the Trivedis. This makes Radha think about turning herself in to the police. Even though Jwala Devi said she wouldn’t hurt the Trivedis, she tells her team to do so, which makes things worse. Radha’s other enemy, Damini, wants to hurt her and plans to shoot her.

Mohan is stuck in the middle. He is worried about his family and upset about what Damini did. He thinks about what he can do to save them. Radha is torn between how much she loves Mohan and how important it is for her to protect her family. Tulsi tells Radha that Jwala Devi’s plans are more dangerous than they seem.

The episode is like a roller coaster of feelings because it is full of surprises, betrayals, and hard choices. The audience is left wanting to know what will happen next.

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