Pandya Store 1st September 2023 Written Update: Natasha is missing.

Pandya Store 1st September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Cheeku talks a lot, which makes Suman and Natasha suspicious. He takes care of things. Natasha will meet Dhawal because he has legal papers about the property. Cheeku wants to leave with the money he stole. Natasha says yes when Suman asks her to wear the unique dress that her family sent. Amresh and some other people greet a well-known person. Cheeku sneaks into Natasha’s room to steal some jewellery while Natasha is in the bathroom. Cheeku tries to explain why.

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Suman goes to Natasha’s door and knocks, but she doesn’t answer. They start to worry. Dhawal also comes. When they get into the room, Natasha is no longer there. They look for her everywhere. Cheeku picks up Natasha and tries to get away with her.

Pandya Store 1st September 2023 Written Update

When Chirag sees Cheeku leaving with Natasha, he thinks he’s taking Dolly and follows him. Suman thinks Natasha has gone, so she tells Dhawal to leave. Amresh’s dream comes true, so Amba asks him if he’s happy. Amresh says that it was inevitable.

Chirag is leading Cheeku. Dolly goes outside and sees that Natasha is gone. She wears a mask, and then Pranali shows up. Pranali tells Dolly why they are getting married, but she doesn’t know she is talking to Dolly. Dolly figures out that Pranali is lying to Amresh and the rest of the family.

Amresh takes away Pranali. Shesh tells Suman and Dhawal that Natasha has gone missing. He wonders if Natasha has found out why they are getting married. Everyone is worried when Hetal comes to bring Natasha to the wedding site.

Precap: Natasha runs away from Cheeku, but he catches her again. Natasha calls Dhawal to tell him that she’s been taken away.


In this exciting episode, Suman and Natasha become suspicious of Cheeku’s actions, but he can get their attention away from him. Dhawal is going to Natasha’s house with some important papers. Cheeku wants to get away with the money he stole. Natasha agrees to wear a unique dress to a family gathering where a famous person will be present. When Natasha doesn’t leave her room, everyone starts to worry.

Cheeku tries to take her, but Chirag follows him because he thinks Natasha is Dolly. In the meantime, Pranali tells Dolly the real reason for the marriage, and Dolly realizes that Pranali has betrayed the family. Everyone is worried and looking for Natasha when the episode ends tensely. It’s a twisty episode that focuses on betrayals, family secrets, and the possibility of a kidnapping.

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