Pandya Store 21st May 2024 Written Update: Dhawal questions Natasha and Naveli about why they left home.

Pandya Store 21st May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal arrives at the Pandya house. Naveli tells him that she heard Pranali say she wants Natasha to leave so they can stay in their new home instead of returning to the Makwana house. Natasha agrees, saying they won’t return because Dhawal is mean and scolds Naveli. Mithu starts crying and asks Dhawal what happened to Natasha.

Dhawal explains that Suman kept asking about Natasha, but he always said he didn’t know. He asks why they separated the sister from her brother. Natasha asks Naveli what “jijaji” means, and Naveli jokingly says it means “brother of pizza.” Mithu, seeing Natasha’s condition, cries and asks her to tell him what happened.

Pandya Store 21st May 2024 Written Update

Dhawal promises to explain everything later and hugs both Natasha and Naveli. Shantanu and his sister talk about how the Makwana ladies don’t seem to care that Natasha is missing. Shantanu believes the police won’t help because they will return her to Dhawal even if they find her. Dhawal questions Natasha and Naveli about why they left home. Natasha calls him mean for scolding them and suggests they should run away again.

Dhawal stops Naveli and tells her it’s unsafe for Bittu since she is new in the city. Naveli feels unloved at home and thinks Pranali wants Bittu to leave. Dhawal gently tells Naveli she can do what she likes. Naveli is surprised by Dhawal’s kind tone. Dhawal promises Naveli he won’t scold her if she promises not to run away again. Mithu insists that Natasha should stay at the Pandya house with him.

Dhawal tries to explain that Natasha needs to leave for now. Natasha finds family photos on the wall and is surprised to see herself in the pictures. She asks if this is her house, and Mithu tells her she is his sister. Mithu expresses his sadness about Natasha’s condition and how the Makwanas never separated her.

Shantanu tells his sister that God took their parents away, and just when he was learning to live alone, Bittu came into his life. She is innocent, like a child in an adult’s body. He has protected her for seven years and vows to fight anyone in Somnath to keep her safe. Mithu tells Natasha that the Pandya house and store belong to her and asks her not to leave. He tells Dhawal to take Naveli home but lets Natasha stay.

Hearing this, Natasha and Naveli run outside. Natasha says they will bring Shantanu and his sister. Naveli says that if they make a pinky promise, Dhawal will give them chocolates. Dhawal arrives, and they promise him before getting into the car. Hetal meets with a lawyer and gets papers stating that Natasha has no right to the Makwana house because her marriage to Dhawal is invalid. Natasha and Naveli kiss Dhawal on his cheeks, and the episode ends with him smiling.

Precap: Hetal tells Shantanu he can take his Bittu back. She says in a world where husbands leave their wives and don’t look after them for years, Shantanu has taken care of Bittu, so she was his and will remain his. She asks Shantanu to take Natasha back with him.

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