Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update: Anupama questions Pakhi.

Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vanraj asks his mom where Pakhi went so late at night. His mom says Vanraj has pampered Pakhi too much, so they can’t even ask her where she is. Vanraj tries to call Pakhi, but her phone is off. Choti Anu is eating chocolate and asks Anupama if she will get in trouble. Anupama joins her in eating chocolate. She pretends to talk to her friend Devika on the phone and thanks her for helping her with bullies at school.

Vanraj is worried about Pakhi. When he finally gets through to her on a video call, Pakhi shows him her friends Dimpi and Titu, which surprises Vanraj. Pakhi is surprised to see Dimpi when she tells him she is with another friend. Anupama gently explains bullying to Choti Anu. Pakhi is upset with Dimpi for lying about where she was going and meeting Titu. Anupama gets a call from Kavya about what’s happening. Pakhi calls Dimpi shameless and shows Vanraj, who is shocked to see him there.

Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update

Malti Devi remembers Anupama’s warning. Barkha tells Malti Devi they should make up with Anupama, saying she’ll forgive them if they cry. Malti Devi thinks things will soon change, making it hard for Anupama. Vanraj asks Dimpi why she’s with Titu and accuses her of cheating on Samar, who just died.

Dimpi says she’s done nothing wrong and is at Samar’s favourite dance event. Vanraj tells her to stop being friends with Titu. Pakhi suggests she should meet her boyfriend in a hotel. Vanraj slaps Titu when he defends Dimpi. Anupama questions Pakhi for accusing her sister-in-law. Kavya keeps asking where Vanraj went. Anupama and Vanraj argue, and he tells Dimpi not to see Titu again, even asking Titu to return to Mumbai.

Titu asks Vanraj to let Dimpi live her life, especially as she’s pregnant and needs happiness. Anupama tells Vanraj he’s being too strict. Vanraj says he wants to protect Dimpi’s child, Samar’s last memory. He tells Anupama to focus on her life and not interfere with his family. Vanraj angrily takes Dimpi home. Pakhi says she already told him Dimpi was meeting Titu. Vanraj warns her not to see Titu again. The episode ends with Titu telling Anupama he meant no harm.

Anupama 10th December 2023 Written Update

Precap: Vanraj tells his family not to involve Anupama in their problems. Anuj advises Anupama to love and care for the Shah family from a distance and suggests she take a break.

Anupama 10th December 2023 Episode Review

There are a lot of dramatic family problems and emotional fights in this episode. Vanraj was very worried about his daughter Pakhi and kept asking her where she was late at night, which caused a lot of stress in the family. The plot thickens when Pakhi’s dishonest behaviour and interactions with Dimpi and Titu are revealed. This leads to a shocking and tense moment for Vanraj.

Anupama and Choti Anu’s relationship adds a lighter, more heartwarming tone to the story. Anupama treats Choti Anu’s eating chocolate with kindness and understanding, showing how caring she is.

The episode also does a great job of balancing themes of trust and betrayal. One scene that stands out is when Vanraj confronts Dimpi about her relationship with Titu and says she betrayed Samar, who had just died. This argument turns into a physical fight, which makes the episode even more intense.

The episode also shows how forgiveness and manipulation work in the family, as seen in the conversation between Malti Devi and Barkha about making peace with Anupama. This makes the family relationships more exciting and complicated.

This episode is an excellent mix of drama, emotion, and family dynamics. The plot twists and character growth keep viewers interested. Titu’s confession to Anupama left us on the edge of our seats, setting up an exciting plot for the next episode.

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